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Speed up your website with Space CDN


Many people don’t care about the speed of their website. They want to get on top on search pages and they spend a lot of money on that, but they never worry about the site load time. They are ignoring the load time because they don’t know the back draws of a website which takes much time to load. According to a survey report if your website is taking 1 second delay in loading the page, then your site is getting 11% fewer page views, customer satisfaction will decrease up to 16% and you will face 7% loss in conversions. So, even if you are on top on Google, your competitors can improve their sales by speeding up the load time for their websites while you will not be able to improve your sales even with high rankings.

How to speed up page load time:

There are a number of ways you can improve the page load time for your website, but many of those methods need some expertise and need to change the coding of your web page. The easiest way is to speed up your website with CDN. Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a system in which servers are distributed in different locations, and this system delivers the web pages and content on those pages to a user according to the geographic location of the user. The content will be delivered faster to those users who are close to the CDN server, so as a result, your website will load faster for those users who are closer to your server. If your website is getting high traffic from all around the world, then you must have different servers in different areas to deliver the content faster to different geographic users.

Choose best CDN providers at SpaceCDN

Now if you are planning to improve the page load speed for your website, you must be worried about the prices and you must be thinking about which CDN network you should choose for your website. You should not worry about this as you can choose best CDN providers at SpaceCDN to reduce your cost of CDN network and to get good results. Different websites and different projects have different requirements and SpaceCDN being an expert will guide you which are the best CDN provider in reasonable cost. They are also providing 1-month free test service so don’t waste your time and register at SpaceCDN to speed up your website.