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Free YouTube Videos and Playlist Downloader for Windows & Mac

YouTube Playlist download

YouTube Playlist download

There are so many extensions are available for different browsers, like chrome, safari, Firefox that can be used for downloading YouTube videos with a single click. But the problem is that these extensions work only for few weeks or months and after that these extensions stop working for downloading YouTube Videos. Earlier we provided a paid extension that could be used to download YouTube videos on Mac. But today, we are going to provide you an even better way which could be used to download not only a single video, but you can download a complete YouTube playlist. Above all, this is a free software and you can use this software for both Windows and Mac.


Why You Need A Software To Download YouTube PlayList?

Usually, people download YouTube videos by copying the video URL and pasting it to their downloading software, or by clicking on the download button of the extension. For a single video, this method may work perfectly. But what to do when you have to download a whole playlist? Do you open the each YouTube video of a playlist and then copy its URL individually and paste it into your video downloader? If you do so, it could work if there are 4 or 5 videos in the playlist, but if you are downloading a series of lectures where Playlist includes 10 or even more videos then it will take a lot of time to open each video and repeating the process of copying and pasting the video URL to YouTube video downloading software.

So you need a software which can download your whole playlist just by copy and paste the URL of playlist instead of each YouTube video.


Free YouTube Playlist Download By DVD Video Soft

The solution of the above mentioned problem is provided by DVDVideoSoft which offers a free software that can download playlist no matter how many videos the playlist has. This software work for both Mac and PC and you can download the software from the official website of for free. If your YouTube playlist has 10 videos, 20 videos, 50 videos or even more, you just need to copy the playlist URL and paste it into the software. That is all you have to do, now you only need to click on download button and this software will download all the videos from that playlist.

download youtube video playlist

There are various features of this software like changing the format, selecting multiple videos of your choice from the playlist and many other. We will provide details of these features in some other article and will show you how to download YouTube playlist easily with this free software.

You can try it on your own as well as this is easy to use software, the interface is user friendly and anyone can understand how to use the software. For more details, you can refer to the official website or the instruction manual provided with the software.

If you have any questions regarding this software or you want to know how to download YouTube videos, you can ask us using the comment section below.