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How to Make Your Website Cool Using Cool Timeline Plugin

There is a reason that this WordPress timeline plugin is rocking in the society. These features have been inventing new trends in the society and reinventing consumer point of view of utilizing these features.

Following are the few features of the cool timeline plugin:

Custom color option, custom text generator, adjust stories order, multiple timelines, shortcode generator, blog posts timeline, any historical, beautiful animation, responsive timeline, visual composer add-on, video, timeline designs, timeline categories, font awesome and easy setting. You can get help from this article to read more about cool timeline plugin.

How can Custom Color Option be edited in the Cool Timeline?

The features in this WordPress timeline plugin are very flexible according to the user need. The cool timeline plugin allows different colors to be used in the content created by the user itself. The cool timeline plugin color can be only edited at the end of the user content creation. For example, a user has logged in admin panel and uploaded the content. He can also change the color after uploading the story on the timeline. He can also mix different colors from different stories to get the best optimal colors.

What does Short-Code Generator feature do?

Short Code Generator feature does help the user to easily embed the feature on the webpage. Most of the WordPress user is often from the non-technical end. The short Code Generator helps to generate the code that helps the user to get the plugin embedded easily on the WordPress designed page. Non-technical users appreciate plugins which are easy to handle.

What are Custom text editor and Multiple Timeline on the cool timeline?

The custom Text editor helps users to overcome the issue with the dates. For example, a user has uploaded the story and wants to edit the date. He can edit the date with the custom text editor. The user can also create its own timeline with custom time and date. People normally have the issues with the date as they have missed the previous dates and want to upload story in previous dates. Cool Timeline has one of those features which helps users to create multiple Timeline. Imagine WordPress timeline plugin allowing users to upload the multiple timelines. The multiple timelines help to create attracting data for the users. It also makes a website where users want to return to.

Can Cool Timeline Plugin Blogpost into a Timeline?

Yes, Cool Timeline Plugin can convert blog post into a timeline. This is one of the benefits of the feature this plugin. It allows users to define their own way of posting content. Either it is a blog post or the story timeline. The cool timeline can help the user to make it personalize in their way.

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