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A Review on Prepostseo Paraphrasing App

Prepostseo Paraphrasing App

Prepostseo Paraphrasing App

A paraphrasing app is an AI-driven technology that helps the user to quickly convert their old content into fresh new content.

While dealing with the content, writers use multiple tools that help them enhance their overall productivity.

And a popular one is the Paraphrasing tool.


Prepostseo Paraphrasing App

Prepostseo has been developing mind-blowing tools to help bloggers, writers, SEO professionals, students, and teachers.

This online tools website has recently launched an excellent paraphrasing app to rephrase written content while avoiding plagiarism in it.

Here you will be getting an insight into a detailed review including how to use the Prepostseo paraphrasing app along with its specifications, features, pros, cons, and uses.

Application specifications

Application Size: 14 MB

Downloads: 10,000+

Ratings: 3.8

How to use it?

Anyone looking to use this AI-driven technology app can download it from the Google play store.

  • Right after downloading it, you can choose the required version.
  • Write or upload a file on the text box of the app
  • And click the paraphrase option.

Paraphrasing App

This paraphrasing app is equipped with the latest AI algorithms and deep learning methods to change old content into new plagiarism-free content.



  • File uploading- you can either write or upload a file from the local storage of your smartphone.

Uploading options include popular Word and PDF file formats.

Users can select the desired file and paraphrase it.

  • Standard Version- Allows the user to paraphrase the current work into a new one with simple changes without any character limits.

Paraphrasing App

  • AI version- Allows the user to precisely edit the text written or uploaded into amazing content, while removing plagiarism.

This version offers 3 modes including Fluency, Standard, and Creative versions but all of these versions have a character limit of up to 5000 characters.

  • Fluency mode- It changes the sentence structure of the text.
  • Standard mode- It changes the text with suitable synonyms.
  • Creative mode- This one is a masterpiece, it uses both modes, changes the sentence structure, and changes old text with the best suitable synonyms.
  • No sign-up required- Usually other paid or free apps do emphasize on users to sign up while using their app, but it’s different in this app, it doesn’t require any signing up credentials.


  • Free of cost- Usually other popular apps demand upfront fees or have some monthly subscription charges, Prepostseo paraphrasing allows the user to use this app without worrying about any monthly subscriptions or upfront fees.

But if a user is looking to use Prepostseo’s other useful tools and apps, then this company offers a variety of premium plans.

  • Quick results- Fast and effective app to produce immediate results with amazing quality.

Prepostseo Paraphrasing App

  • Safe and secure- It’s safe to use because it doesn’t store any part of your content in its database, and neither does it uses any malicious tool that can harm your Smartphone.
  • Customer support- one of the major reasons why this app is successful is because of its highly-trained customer support staff, they are always ready to assist the user.


You can contact the customer support staff through their official email and soon they will reply to resolve your query.

  • Printing option- while using this app allows the user to directly print the outcome of the paraphrased text from its user interface.
  • Final output- The final output of this app is fresh new plagiarism-free content. And once the content is paraphrased, it allows the user to download the file in either Word or PDF format.

Prepostseo Paraphrasing App

Pros and Cons of Prepostseo paraphrasing app

Pros Cons
ü  Uses advanced AI technologies

ü  No sign up required

ü  No Monthly or hidden charges

ü  Supports multiple file formats

ü  Plagiarism free content

ü  Immediate results

ü  Offers both standard and AI versions

ü  Offers printing option directly from the user interface

ü  Offers final output downloading option

ü  Safe and secure

ü  Shows users history

ü  Customer support 24/7


ü  Shows ads

ü  Requires Internet connectivity

ü  The guideline option is not supporting


Who can use this app?

Ideally, anyone can use this amazing app, but some of the major group of people can use this tool do include are:

  1. Bloggers

Bloggers usually use multiple tools and apps to produce quality content, this paraphrasing app can be an effective addition to their toolkits.

  1. Students

Usually, students have to write dozens of assignments and research papers during their academic career and most of the time, they have to write on similar topics.

Hence, they can use this paraphrasing tool for research papers as this will help them write unique content.

This will prevent them from falling under plagiarism traps.

  1. Authors

It’s quite common for authors to write Golden content that can make any heart melt or change anyone’s life.


In some cases, authors have to use other informational text or an example to support their content, while, they can use this app to make their text look unique.


There are numerous applications and tools available in the digital market for paraphrasing content.

While looking at the features and advantages, Prepostseo stands out to be one of the best applications available around the web.

People belonging to the writing industry, such as authors, bloggers, and students, can use it to enhance their overall productivity.


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