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Why Elmedia Player is best video player for mac

why elmedia player for mac

why elmedia player for mac

If you are facing problems on your mac with your media files and can’t play all formats in a single player or if you are facing slowdowns for HD playback then you should change your media player and try to find best video player mac supported.

Elmedia player could be the best possible solution for all your problems related to video playbacks. Just name a media format and you will find that Elmedia player supports that format very well. You can play 4K full HD videos on this player and it won’t slowdowns your movie. Ordinary players like VLC or MKV players don’t support all the formats and they are also unable to play full HD videos smoothly whereas Elmedia player is perfect for 4K videos and its rich features will amaze you with its user friendly interface.


With its live video feature you can stream videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion and what makes it unique is that you can watch ads free videos using Elmedia player. No need to download the files, just have a stable internet connection and watch online videos without the interruption of ads.

While watching the video you can take the screenshot of any part of the video without interruption and you can even divide your whole video into thousand of high quality images. For this you have to set the time interval between each frame after which image will be take from the video. Image capturing feature is available in other players as well but converting whole video with customized time interval in high quality is not provided by ordinary players.

For subtitles Elmedia players provides attractive fonts which you can choose as per your own choice and you can also select the color and size of the subtitles. Language option for the subtitle is also available which is very handy for many users. Just like different video formats, it also support various audio formats and you can play almost any type of audio file using Elmedia player.