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75% Android App will run on Nokia X – The Rest available soon


After launching the whole new family of Android based devices, Nokia X, the Finnish company has now made the SDK platform of Nokia X available to the developers. On the Nokia X series, almost 75% of Android application will run without any modification that is stated on the download page. The other 25% services will not be able to run on it due to their reliance on Google services.


On the SDK’s website, the company has provided the application testing facility to the developers, complete documentation and some interesting details, where they can upload .apk files and learn whether their files are compatible to run on X devices or not. Nokia’s Android devices are not like the standard Android platform, they have in fact build a complete new code on Android Open Source Project v4.1.2 and custom APIs for Nokia Notifications, in-app payment and HERE Maps. It is clear that the company has done their homework this time regarding the application distribution. The new family of Android based devices will be targeting in the fast-growing emerging markets where smartphones are the primary device to connect with the Internet.

In the developing countries, bank cards are still rare in these days that made them to think about securing the income from apps. Currently, 90% revenues of all app is generated by the in-app purchases and the solution of the issues lies in the operator billing network of Nokia’s Store, covering more than 160 operators in 60+ countries.

With this secure system, customers can buy the apps from store and other content without using their bank account and 70/30 split will be offered to the developers without any extra charges. In the official store of Nokia, publishers have the discretion to put the trial version of their app as well.


Nokia has done a lot of work in the new Nokia X family and try to give the experience of Windows phone and Google services at a very affordable price range. This new series of Nokia aims to replace Asha which is too limited for any growth and meeting the expectation of the user. The decision to going Android without annoying the Microsoft and bowing to Google completely is a very smart move of the management that will pay-off well in the future.