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Mobile Phone Operators are providing 3G services just in Days


Now the wait is about to over as the mobile phone operators in Pakistan will start providing 3G services to their customers on trial basis within a few days. It has been confirmed from reliable sources that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) will grant trial 3G license to the mobile phone operators for free so that they ensure the flawless 3G service before the auction of licenses.


In order to commence the 3G services on trial basis, operators will need the NOC and they have already requested it to the authority. FAB has been asked by the PTA to assign the range to different cellular companies so they start to offer the services.

All the approvals have been granted to FAB by the cabinet division and it has now been allocating the required spectrum after which the mobile phone operators will launch the 3G services.

In trial 3G services, users may not experience the high speed broadband service and the operators will provide just enough speed to gauge their services. This will enable them to prepare for the 3G auction that is scheduled in April 2014.


It is also expected that Government may put two 4G license for auction with three 3G licenses. After the IM auction, which is going to held today or most probably tomorrow, we will be able to know the exact date of the auction.

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