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Nokia Adopts Android to Compete Well in Growing Markets


The launch of 3 Android smartphones by Nokia with Android Open Source Project has surprised everybody. This may hurt Google and Microsoft too as the company will have to loosen the supremacy of Windows phone. The Finnish company did the smart move by not relying fully on the Google, providing the experience of Windows and Google services at the affordable prices that surely give tough competition to the rivalries. The Asha series is not been successful to catch the attention due to the popularity of Android devices. This time Nokia has built on their own code and launched the new Android family, Nokia X to replace the Asha series and increase their market share.


In the Nokia X family, there are three phones which are not the cheapest available in the market but surely do the job. Stephen Elop, the Chief Executive of Nokia, considers Vietnam, Russia and Indonesia as a growing market and believes Nokia X will do much better than Asha smartphones in these markets. It is a nice strategy to grow the user interest in Windows phone without bringing a huge change in the user experience.


It can not be denied that the Android adoption rate around the world is increasing at a very stunning rate. People will definitely buy their devices when they knew that their Android application are compatible with Nokia X. Nokia was once the market leader because of providing quality devices and this is the best time to cash the perception.