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YouTube is accessible on few ISPs, is Interim Government working to lift the Ban?

youtube open now

Today on 19-04-2013; we have noticed that largest video streaming website is accessible on some internet service providers without using any proxy server. Though we know that many people are able to access YouTube by using proxies, but today it is accessible without proxy. We have tried it on PTCL broadband and EVO networks, most of the time YouTube was accessible only a couple of times we get the message that YouTube has been banned from Pakistan Telecommunication authority.


A few days back, it was announced by Interim Government that ban will be lifted from YouTube in coming few days. But very next day, again they denied that ban will not be lifted until specific videos should be removed from the server. This access gives a hint that Interim Government is working on lifting the ban on


What is your opinion on this? This ban on YouTube should be lifted or it should remain banned?