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WordPress Meetup scheduled to take place in Lahore on 21st January 2017



Formally a simple blog publishing software WordPress is throwing a Meetup in Lahore on 21st January by an experienced Professional person named Muhammad Kashif to give chance to new professional developers.

WordPress has introduced itself with the world as an open source blog publishing software in the beginning but the software is now become an application framework to    build new personal websites, e-commerce store, new portals, forums, communities and commonly used for any kind of imaginable and desirous website.

A blog publishing software is not become famous over a night. The WordPress journey from a software to platform involves the hard-working of many professional developers by which WordPress has retain its position as the highest demanded software because it is empowering more than 26% of entire internet.


With the growth of user, the group needs more professional creative developers that’s the reason why WordPress is providing a chance to new professionals. The WordPress Meetup move forward towards Pakistan’s city Lahore where it manages to organize as much as 12 WordPress Meetups.

The WordPress Meetup slated to take place on 21st January. The WordPress officials are organizing Meetups in their own cities to increase the interaction between beginner and professional and its purpose is also to spark an idea in beginners to achieve their goals.

The event is not specified for a counted number of peoples, it is inviting maximum people to get maximum benefit by interacting with the professionals of WordPress in Meetup.