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5 reasons why you should buy Samsung mobile rather than iPhone



If you are going to buy a new mobile and you are confused about buying an iPhone or Samsung then you should read this article which help you out and give you a clear idea about why you should buy a Samsung mobile rather than an iPhone. 5 solid reasons which I will mention here will help you out to make up your mind and removing any of your confusions and you will obviously go for the Samsung instead of iPhone.

  • Different Screen size: Obviously you have to buy your new phone in your limited budget. If you go for the iPhone, you have no option to select the screen size of your own choice as latest iPhone model has two screen sizes i.e 4.7” and 5.5” but there is a huge price difference of about 120$. Whereas if you are going to select a Samsung mobile and your budget is, let say 500$, you have different screen sizes available in different models. You can buy a Note series phablet with a bigger screen size or you can go for a Samsung’s flagship S series mobile with relatively small screen size in same budget. Even if your budget is as low as only 300$ you can still have options to select big screen mobiles in A or J series of Samsung.


  • Expandable Memory: As we all know iPhone has no option to insert a micro SD card so one can’t increase the memory of iPhone in any case. When your budget is to buy iPhone 7 32GB variant and you want 128GB of memory, you have to add 100$ more in your budget and 200$ for 256GB variant. While you can increase memory of almost any Samsung model by purchasing a low price micro SD card from your nearest shop.
  • Dual SIM option: If you have to use to different mobile numbers for your business and for your personal use, then you can’t even think about to get a dual SIM iPhone. You have to have two different mobiles for your two different numbers whereas if you are a Samsung user then you can easily find a duos version of almost any model. For example Galaxy S7 is very good choice for a high end mobile, and you can have this mobile in both single SIM and dual SIM version as Galaxy S7 duos.
  • Sharing stuff is easy: While listening a song on your friend’s mobile and want to share the same song on your iPhone; Oopss.. How to do this? You have to Google it because you can’t simply transfer the data using your Bluetooth connection when you are using iPhone but in case of Samsung there are many ways including android Apps, NFC technology and simple Bluetooth technology which can be used even to transfer your data from simple bar phone to your Samsung Smartphone.
  • Price range: This is major issue for many Indians, in case of iPhone you either have to buy a used iPhone in low budget which might be risky and could have many problems or you have to buy an expensive brand new box pack iPhone in at least 500$.  While in case of Samsung you can have brand new Samsung mobile of your own choice in your own budget. You can buy box pack Samsung phone from $50 to $500 with different specs, screen size, camera and other features.

Keeping in mind all 5 points I have mentioned above, you will surely get the best available Samsung mobile phone for you rather than an iPhone with limited options and high budget.