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What is Firewall and Why it is Important For Home & Office Users


Professional computer users always worry about their security and external threats because they knew very well that they can be victimized by a virus, Trojan horses and web worms. They knew that with virus attacks it don’t only delete or create files and folders but it also steals important data from your computer that can be used against you in future. For example if you have your identity card in your computer and some other person get access to that, he can use it in illegal activities and you will be considered behind those activities when security agencies try to investigate.

Antivirus, Anti Malware and Firewalls are the solution for these threats of hacking of your important data. A Firewall is used to block different types of viruses, malware and Trojan horses to affect your computer. Every version of latest operating systems including Windows XP to Windows 10 have its own Firewall at a software level which can be used to monitor your computer and block certain programs and websites. Firewall is important for a big company to protect data theft and it is equally important for a personal home computer because it also needs security where one can have credit card information, bank accounts information and other credentials like user name and passwords to various online accounts.

Firewall in a company or office can block certain websites which owner believes that workers should not access. Like Facebook is widely used website and almost more than 90% internet users have accounts on Facebook so many companies add Facebook in firewall to block it so that workers can not waist their time on this social website. Same way other websites can also be blocked.

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If IT manager in a company finds that their files are accessed by an IP address which don’t belongs to the company’s IP address than IT manager can add that IP address to firewall to block its access to office files. Even they can add specific words and phrases to firewall to stop their workers to search on those.

In any case whether you are a home user or you are managing a huge network in a company, you should take advantage of Firewall to secure the network from external threats and hacking attempts as well as you can restrict the workers to access specific websites on internet.

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