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Why Should I Learn SEO and Digital Marketing at IPS Uni?



The search engine optimization course in Lahore in 2019 is one subject that doesn’t require you to be super affluent in studies.

Yes, it is pretty gettable.


Even if you are an average student, the SEO course would be easy to pass through. As some of you might already know, search engine optimization is part of the big concept we know as digital marketing. However, due to the popularity of Google as a search engine on a massive scale, SEO has become a full-fledged field ready to be explored.

Today we’ll discuss a few aspects of the search engine optimization course and the digital marketing course – Their scope and engagement factor among the youth of Pakistan.

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  1. SEO for Student Empowerment

A time when we talk about women empowerment, we mustn’t forget that most of those women are students first. Therefore, it has to be one of our educational goals to nurture their talents until they reach their full potential.

SEO for starters is for students. It pays off for people who may not be mature age-wise but have a firm grip on concepts. By practice, they achieve perfection in delivery while the rankings improve. In plain English, the search engine optimization course teaches you how to rank in Google. Once your page goes up against certain search phrases, consider that page to be successfully optimized.

Students can join this course on summer breaks while professionals can join it any time of the year to enhance their skills. It is part of the vocational training subjects in different institutes.

To know why learning SEO is important, check the infographic at the end.


  1. Create a Professional Identity

The world where an individual is recognized by their work or ability, the search engine optimization course provides solid grounds to become something. It could be your identity in this world. For example, someone who knows how to rank in Google is called an SEO expert which is quite a privilege. The hierarchy of job titles gradually leads up to an expert level, but when you know the end, hard work doesn’t seem to bother.

We go through years of education just to become something in the end. Careers like becoming a doctor; a pilot; an engineer; or an IT expert are all taken up to create our identities. And, the SEO course isn’t any different. By registering in short courses in Lahore such as this one, one can enter the world of assurance, dignity, and self-respect.

That’s right. We feel complete once we have achieved and the world starts to show us respect.

  1. Digital Marketing for Sales and Increased Customers

It is important to discuss the immediate effects of digital marketing. The term digital marketing is often used with paid advertising – When businesses set a budget for paid ads on Google. While marketers make use of software like AdWords, the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns bring in customers and execute sales. This method is often used by companies looking for immediate results.


For example, such campaigns are a great help for call centers in terms of getting calls from across the world. The calling agents here in Pakistan are equipped with the necessary tools and skills to convert customers from the US after training. If I were to say that Increased sales happen as a result of savvy search engine marketing (SEM) techniques, I won’t be wrong.

As an active part of the search engine optimization course, the writer works for the IPS Unit of Education in Gulberg III, Lahore and takes care of the content. Content creation is the most outsourced aspect of content marketing all over the world.

We offer search engine optimization and digital marketing courses among other courses.

Check this infographic



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