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Wesley Snipes has reached new heights with the launch of The Recall VR Abduction

The Recall VR Abduction

Wesley Snipes, the renowned action hero of Hollywood, is now in the good books of the Virtual Reality lovers since the launch of The Recall VR Abduction App on the Samsung Gear and the Oculus Rift on June 23 2017. He has stroked this medium immediately with his launch of the thirteen minutes short theatrical film, which is undoubtedly the true reflection and as enjoyable as the actual horror feature film of Snipes’ The Recall.

The thrilling experience of this VR gear has highly boosted the excitement for the much awaited Science Fiction Thriller, The Recall. Wesley Snipes, being the actor and the producer of this VR Abduction App, has successfully proved his mastermind skills in the much popular virtual reality world of the youth.

This short theatrically action film is based on combatting the alien by Snipes and his team and saving them from being abducted. The main action figure of this film is played by RJ Mitte as the character of Brendan. Other characters of the real featured film have also joined Snipes in The Recall VR Abduction short clip, namely, Hannah Rose, Laura Maria and Niko Pepaj.

The Production Company of this VR Gear is The Minds Eye Entertainment, which has also headed the production of The Recall, and Wesley truly admires them. Bridgegate Pictures has also worked in collaboration with Minds Eye for the production of this App. The director of this short film Is Mauro Borelli; it is a one shot movie with no cuts, breaks or replay scenes to augment a much better act. Therefore, the entire team was highly indulged in the act while shooting it.

Snipes’ team served as the real hunters for killing the powerful Aliens having devastating intentions to rule over British Columbia. The audience and players have to view and assess this VR App with the mind of RJ Mitte, a great companion of Wesley Snipes. The experience is much alike the real movie and pulls you completely in action when you are set to go on this thrilling journey.

With this VR Abduction Gear, you can enjoy the charisma of being the real action hero of the real movie itself and kick off the enemy aliens to their last breath. The actors of The Recall enjoyed the sanctity of shooting every second of this Virtual Reality interface, and felt absolutely productive while making it. Though it was a real challenge to shot this challenging piece in one go like a theatre play or a live show.

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