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Thinking where to buy copper cups? Amazon.com has all the answers!

Do you know what the best thing in the Moscow Mule drink is?; the copper mug, in which it is served! Most of the professionals use the best copper mugs for serving this tasty drink. The best moment is to prepare the Moscow Mule drink by using the authentic and crafty copper mugs. Here are some of the best copper mugs, which can be bought from Amazon.com. Do not get worried about where to buy copper cups; this is the best place where you can find the best copper cups in town.

Copper mule mugs

1)      Hand-riveted Moscow Mule Mugs

These mugs are made up of 100% solid copper and they are designated the highest ratings on Amazon.com with around more than 450 five star reviews. The copper mugs here come in different types of styles: the standard copper type, the standard hammered copper type, the cone-shaped hammered copper type. Nearly all of them are uniquely hand crafted. Apart from the cheap type of knock-off mugs, the mugs present on Amazon.com are not lined with the stainless steel and they provide truly authentic experience. These mugs are riveted with copper handles and they last for ages.

2)      Hammered 100% copper round mugs

These mugs also stand highest in the rating and these are the number 1 best selling copper mugs on the website of Amazon. These are made up of 100% real copper metal and they have high-strength handles, which are welded with the mug. The mugs are really sleek and classy and they are purely authentic. People have given about 330 five star rating on Amazon.com to these mugs. If you like to have rounded mugs which are made with hammered copper, then these are the most authentic ones in the whole bunch!

3)      Smooth copper round mug

If you do not like the hammered copper look, then you can go for this type of mug. The welded handles of the mug gives it a smooth finish and sleek appearance, which makes your Moscow Mule look better. The fact is that this metal guarantees an authentic Moscow Mule experience.

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