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Why A Data Protection Officer Is Essential For Your Business Operations in The European Union



It has been a common practice of the organizations and the entrepreneurs across the globe to explore and access the personal data of the individual residents who have high capacity to turn to their customers. This way the professionals running business on small and large scale access the detailed data of the people including their cell phone numbers, mailing address and their personal interests in all aspects of shopping and reach for their social media platforms and smart phones with deals having great attraction for a particular number of people sharing the same interests or residing in the nearby areas. This has been highly beneficial for the business marketplace for a long time now.

All business persons across the European Union are still dismayed at the reform, General Data Protection Regulation that was announced in April of last year and will replace the former Data Protection Directive two years ahead of this date, which is in May 2018. Hearing a lot about being strictly imposed from day one and bearing hefty penalty in case of non-compliance, many organizations fear of not being able to abide thoroughly with the principles of GDPR.

This is designed for very high level of protection of personal data of all the citizens of the European Union. Therefore lots of organizations feel the utter need for a data protection officer who is specialized to deal with the principles of the upcoming GDPR. He will enhance the readiness of the unprepared companies and train them regarding their business operations for the purpose of optimum compliance with this General Data Protection legislation.

Learn about the companies that necessarily require to appoint a data protection officer according to this regulation

  1. The public companies dealing with the personal data collection of the citizens of a particular State or multiple states in Europe except the courts.
  2. Social media companies, online retail and search engine companies, which require constant monitoring and processing of data of the subjects who hire them, at a wide scale.
  3. Healthcare facilities, insurance companies and the Government organizations, which deal with processing of personal data on a large scale in special categories associated to criminal activities.

Duties of a DPO

Every DPO is required to keenly and deeply indulge and monitor the data activities and operations of the company that he has been hired for; data protection must be the basic principle of life of a DPO as this officer has to deal with a whole complex lot of 90 principles of the GDPR. He must always be highly alert and have the ability to smell all the risks than can dispose to the violation of this regulation. GDPR asks every DPO to:

  1. Keep advising the employer and his employees about how to meet the GDPR obligations in a better way.
  2. Close screening of whether the organization is on the right track of compliance.
  3. Educating the staff of the company about how they must process their operations.
  4. Training them with demonstrations about how to handle people’s personal data to meet the privacy needs of this law.
  5. Keeping in touch with the office of the Data Protection Commissioner.

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