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3 Ingredients That Are Vital for a Voucher Site to Succeed


In 2012 many coupon websites started to spring up in the United Kingdom. Most of them are no longer in business today. There are only a few who have not only survived but are also thriving. So, what makes a voucher and coupon website successful? That’s what we are going to explore in this article.

A coupon website is a business, and all businesses require capital. Around 2012, the internet was suddenly flooded with coupon sites. There were a lot of online entrepreneurs who got hold of a WordPress template which allowed them to start coupon websites.

However, most of them soon realized that coupon marketing requires intensive data management, and that’s something that a run-of-the-mill WordPress thyme can’t do.

Successful coupon sites heavily invested money on developing custom code for coupon management. If you want to run a successful coupon site, then treat it like a real business, and that means raising ample amounts of capital.

Vital Manpower
In every successful business, you will always find experienced leaders and skilled employees. Running a successful coupon website is no different.

When the 2012 coupon site mania started, most of the sites were only maintained by a handful of people. In fact, the majority were operated by one person. This was failure waiting to happen.

Successful coupon sites have a team to ensure that the engine is running smoothly. For example, you need skilled people to update and manage the coupon codes. You also need people to do outreach campaigns on other websites and blogs. You will also need an SEO expert. Don’t forget about full-time coders, and you’ll need at least two. One for the front-end development and one of the back-end development. You will also need experienced leaders to keep the team together and motivate everyone.

Authority and Marketing
Almost anyone can create a coupon website. Also, almost everyone can get accepted by affiliate networks or take deals offered by Merchants. While these factors are important pieces of the overall puzzle, they are just the easy parts.

The biggest challenge is creating a coupon website that earns high authority. Authority is the name of the game for coupon websites. If Google doesn’t view your coupon website as having enough authority, your pages will never be at the top of the search results. Without top search engine results, your coupon business is severely handicapped.

In fact, it’s even safe to say that you can put more focus on building a trustworthy and credible website rather than offering valid coupons. Once your website gains enough credibility and authority, everything will come easier.

One good example of how to build authority is Groupon. This multimillion corporation invested heavily in offline marketing. In return, the site got a lot of recognition, natural backlinks, and authority. In fact, Groupon holds so much authority that even a page with virtually no usable content can rank high in the search engine results.

To summarise, since the coupon website mania of 2012 started, hundreds or thousands of coupon sites have failed miserably. The few great ones have survived and thrived, and it’s all thanks to proper funding, tireless marketing efforts, skilled employees and experienced leaders.

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