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4 Ways To Make Your PC run faster

make pc run faster

make pc run faster

There is nothing which is more frustrating than a slow computer, especially when you know it can still work well. Instead of going out immediately and buying a new PC, here are a few ways in which you can make your old computer run much faster:

Disable all unused programs

New computers come with a ton of programs which you aren’t going to use on a regular basis. You might not even know most of them exist. Some of these processes run in the background even when there is no need for them altogether. So, getting rid of these pointless programs is the first step in making your computer run faster.

Go to the Task Manager and then the startup tab. Here you will find all the programs which run when you start your PC. Just ensure you don’t turn off any programs which are essential to the working of your computer. If you have doubts about any program, Google it before disabling it. One last thing, you will not be uninstalling these programs, just disabling them. You can still run them whenever you want. Also, visit to learn more about software that can help you download files at high speeds.


Delete temporary files

Temporary files store on your hard disk and slow down your computer. Getting rid of them, including your browsing history and cookies will give you more storage space and also speed up your PC.

Go to My Computer and choose your local drive. Go to the Windows folder and open the Temp folder. Right click on the folder and then go to View and Details. Once you have done this, select all the files which aren’t current dated and delete them. Then go to your Recycle Bin and get rid of them completely from your computer.

Install a better hard drive

Even if you are cleaning out temporary files regularly, if your hard drive is more than 85% full, it is going to affect the speed of your computer. If you regularly use your PC to store videos or for recording TV, you will want to get a huge hard drive. At least 1 TB.

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But, just getting a bigger hard drive is not the only thing you can do. You can also opt for a solid-state drive instead of a regular one. These drives have really fast read times and can help speed up your computer substantially. A much better choice than buying a whole new computer.


RAM is the temporary storage in your computer. It is used when programs execute tasks. The more RAM you have, the more programs you can run at the same time. One indicator of not having sufficient RAM is when your computer gives trouble processing large files. It may even freeze at such times.

You could either choose to add a few new RAM sticks to your motherboard or get new memory altogether if the slots are all used up. There is no upper limit, in theory, when it comes to RAM on 64-bit systems. But you should get at least 8 GB if you want to be safe.