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What Is Industrial Automation Engineering Technology?

Industrial automation is the usage of control systems, mainly computer based, to control industrial processes and machinery. Automation has and will always play an ever more crucial role in the world economy and also our experiences every day. The automation and control engineering technology program offers the management and expertise necessary to pursue a rewarding profession in automation.

Benefits of Industrial Automation

  • Information is accurate

Adding automated data collection, can let you decrease your data collection costs, collect important production information, and improve the accuracy of data. This gives you the facts to make the proper decisions with regards to improving your processes and decreasing waste.

  • High quality

Automation cuts down the mistake linked to a person. Additionally, contrary to humans, robots don’t involve any exhaustion that leads to products with uniform quality produced at different times.

  • Reduced operating cost

Industrial automation gets rid of holidays, paid leave and health care costs connected to a human operator. Additionally, industrial automation doesn’t need other staff benefits like pension coverage, bonuses, etc. Most importantly, though it is linked to a high initial cost, it helps save the monthly wages of the employees, which results in considerable cost savings for the business. The cost of maintenance linked to machinery used for industrial automation is minimal, since it doesn’t usually fail. In case it fails, only engineers dealing with computer and maintenance have to repair it.

  • High flexibility

When the assembly line gets a new task, it needs training with a human operator, but robots can be programmed to perform any task. This will allow flexibility in the manufacturing process.

  • High safety

Industrial automation will help make the production line secure for the workers by deploying robots to manage unsafe conditions.

  • Productivity is high

Though most companies employ many production staff for up to three shifts to operate the plant, the plant still has to be shut for holidays and maintenance. Industrial automation satisfies the goal of the business by permitting the business to run a manufacturing plant for 24 hrs every day and 365 days a year. This results in a substantial improvement in a company’s productivity.

So, what is Industrial Automation Engineering Technology?

The term automation engineering technology is utilized for various systems including communications and process controls. Technicians in this field usually combine basic principles of mechanical engineering technology with electrical and electronic circuits to build, design, test, and manufacture electrical and computer controlled mechanical systems that are becoming an important foundation aspect in industrial industries.

“The automation industry is a branch of the electronics field and is quickly becoming one of the leading developing areas of national and international high technology economies. It features a combination of electrical, electronics, and mechanics, and consists of the interaction or control of pneumatics, motors, computers, hydraulics, and other processes that are implemented and utilized within manufacturing”, says Peter Keneth, an automation engineering technician at DataHighwayGateways.

What are the things that automation engineering technicians do?

These technicians use principles and theories of mathematics, engineering, and science, to create solutions to technical issues in areas of maintenance, construction, development, inspection, manufacturing, and research. More practically orientated compared to many scientists and engineers, automation engineering technicians usually help out with the process of research and development of ordinary engineers and scientists.

The places where automation engineering technology is utilized includes in environments of quality control. This implies the inspection of products and processes, together with the procedure of gathering data and carrying out the test. In the manufacturing field, technology is utilized to assist with the product design and development, together with the production process. Programmable logic controllers are an important area where automation engineering technology is utilized. This entails carrying out work with special-purpose computers to generate synchronization of the different technologies that are used within the process of manufacturing. Automation engineers who are knowledgeable about Programmable logic controllers usually setup and utilize the special-purpose computers.


Automation engineering technology plays a significant role in most industries and businesses. If you are a company that needs an automation engineering technician, it is good to look at their qualifications and inquire further regarding what they can help you with to ensure you get the best technician to suit your needs.

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