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How to Improve Typing Speed in English? Test Your Skills Online

Typing Speed

Typing Speed

Good typing speed is the requirement of this time. Almost every government job or a private job needs some typing work to create reports and prepare future plans. If you are not good at typing on a computer keyboard, you can face difficulty in completing your tasks on time. Normally when people start to learn type, they start without proper guidance and they ignore the basics as well. They just try to move their fingers fast without any pattern. Beginners normally start with two fingers and they divide the keyboard into two parts.


For the right part, they use the first finger of right hand and for the left part, they use the first finger of left hand. Then they try to hit each key with same two fingers and they waste a lot of time. Because with this ‘hit and trial’ method they need to keep their eyes on the keyboard and they also need to watch each key before hitting it. Then they also look at the screen to check if they have pressed the right key or not. Obviously, it will take a lot of time.

How to Improve Typing Speed

If you really want to improve your typing speed then you have two options.

Download Rapid Typing Tutor

First, you can download any good typing software that will help you to increase your typing speed with proper guidance and different drills and interesting games. Rapid Typing Tutor is one good software which you can download for free. Using this software you can increase your English typing speed in just one week. It will teach you how to place your fingers on different keys and for every key it will guide you which finger you should use for better access.

Type Faster With Online Courses

If you don’t want to use a software then you can also try to increase your typing speed with online courses. These online courses are designed especially for the beginners. Typing for beginners is not easy as they hesitate or they don’t feel comfortable by using the fingers in the proper way. Keeping the index fingers of both hands at ‘F’ and ‘J’ is annoying for the beginners and then typing without looking at the keyboard is also difficult to start. But these online courses to type faster encourage users to follow the rules and with easy and entertaining drills, beginners learn the typing quickly without looking at the keyboard.

After practicing few days for typing, you can also try online typing test in English from these online websites. With these tests, you can check how good you are in typing and what is your Words Per Minute WPM speed.