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Best Video Player for Mac To Support AVI Format

elmedia avi video player for mac

The most commonly used media format for movies and video songs is “AVI” which stands for Audio Video Interleaved. Most of the movies and songs available online for downloading are also in avi format whether its High Definition video or just a standard video. To watch high definition video in AVI format you need to have a good professional video player that fully support avi format even for high definition videos. Ordinary video players like VLC or some other support this popular format but when it comes to high quality 4K videos these players either don’t play the file or they slowdown because of the quality of format.

Sometimes these ordinary video players slowdowns while sometimes they don’t play the audio and only show video or vice versa. This happens due to lack of codec support and in these situations you need to install the extra codecs to play audio and video both at a time. It is also possible that audio or video lags and unsynchronized output is provided by the player. All these problems are unacceptable for the user while watching their favorite movies or TV shows.

Because of these reasons, we suggest to always use professional and paid applications for better results. Our advise is to stop looking for free video players and use Elmedia player which is one of the best avi media player for mac according to our experience. This video player will not only support your AVI files but it will also play almost all other known video formats in high quality and it will not slowdowns the video.

Elmedia player has very user friendly interface which provides you easy options to control the volume, adjust the playback speed and you can also adjust the brightness, contrast and color saturation of the video very easily. It also offers full support to audio codecs and you don’t need to find and install any extra codecs to support other formats, you will get everything in it by default.

It also supports various international languages and you can watch online videos from different online streaming websites. Screen capturing was never that easy as elmedia made it. You can get the Elmedia player for your mac in just 9.99$.

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