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Which iPhone 7 is Enough For You: 32GB 128GB or 256GB?


Should I get 32GB, 128GB or 256GB iPhone7? This could be the first question comes into your mind when you decided to buy an iPhone 7. For a few people, it might be very easy to decide but for many, it is a difficult question and they need to consider a lot of things before they decided which iPhone 7 they should buy.

If you need iPhone 7 only for texting and making calls then there is no question of paying the extra amount for more storage you must go for a 32GB variant, but if you have to do a lot more on your cell phone then you should consider the following things.

Photos and Videos

iPhone 7 is equipped with the latest 12-megapixel camera that allows you to shoot 4K videos. You can consume about 400 MB space by making just 1-minute video with 4K resolution. On a 32GB iPhone 7, you will get almost 24GB useable storage space and if you don’t install a single application and don’t store any picture any video then you will be able to record only about 1-hour video with your iPhone 7 with 32GB storage.

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So here comes the question that is 32GB enough for iPhone 7? The answer is very simple, if you don’t like shooting videos and taking pictures and you are okay with fewer apps, some songs and only selected pictures on your phone then 32GB is enough for you while if you love to shoot videos in 4K resolution and you also take a lot of pictures then 256GB iPhone should be your first choice.


iTunes allows you to watch and download movies in different resolutions. Whereas there are so many streaming services like YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon, HBO, Netflix and much more from where you can download and watch the media files.

A simple movie can take 1GB to 3GB space whereas a high-quality high definition video can take 3GB to 6GB space easily. Different TV shows can take 500MB to 1.5GB space in normal quality but there are different episodes for TV shows so it can take about 5 to 10 times more space on your iPhone 7.

Now if you have to decide between 32GB, 128GB and 256GB then you have to see how you use this media. If you can watch a movie in a single sitting then you don’t need to download the movie and 32GB will work fine for you.

Whereas if you have to download the movie because you need to watch the movie in your free time when you don’t have an internet connection or for some other reason you need to download the media on your iPhone’s storage then you should go for either 128GB or for 256GB.

Apps and Games

Apps and games consume a lot of space on Smartphone and on your iPhone 7 you can install a variety of applications and games. Social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and others don’t eat up much space.

But applications for graphics, video editing apps, language learning apps or some others can take much space. Along with these apps if you are a game lover and you want to play different games then you should understand that these apps and games take much space on your mobile.

Like there are many games which can consume 1GB to 2GB space easily, Asphalt 8 and Need for Speed are just two examples of it.

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Now if you are wondering that is 32GB enough for iPhone then you should see if can live without heavy games and just need to install smaller games like Pool 8 or others and you are okay with simple apps like Facebook and Instagram then 32GB is enough for iPhone 7 and if you need to install heavy and high-quality games along with quality applications then you have to select between 128GB or 256GB variant.

Price Difference for Extra Storage

Along with your usage and the need for space you need, you should also check your budget as there are different prices of 32GB, 128GB and 256GB iPhone and this difference are huge. In the USA there is $100 difference between 32GB iPhone 7 and 128GB iPhone and then another $100 between 128GB and 256GB iPhone 7.

Now here you have to check if you can afford that or not? If your preference is 128GB iPhone and you can’t pay $100 extra then you have another option to buy extra storage on iCloud. You have to pay almost $2.99 per month for extra 200GB storage which is good enough.

So if you can’t pay $100 at once you can go with another option as well to buy 200GB by paying 2.99$ per month.

Now you have to decide yourself if 32GB iPhone7 is enough for you or you need to buy 128GB or 256GB. It all depends on your requirements and your budget as we have discussed each point above in detail.

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