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How is it possible to recover deleted data from iPhone/iPad/iPod

recover deleted iPhone data

recover deleted iPhone data

Many iPhone users don’t knows the fact that their deleted data from their iPhone, iPad or iPod can be easily recovered using a good data recovery software that is special designed for iOS. Whether it be your contacts, messages, pictures, videos, files or anything else, you can now easily recover your deleted data from iPhone and other iDevices.

Basically there are two types of applications that are used as a data recovery. The first and most common type is installing an app that creates a recycle bin type utility on your mobile and if you have deleted some of your data accidentally you can later restore it from recycle bin folder. This is not exactly what we called data recovery because in this case only that data can be restored which is deleted after the installation of this utility app and by installing this app, data actually does’t deleted from the phone, it just moves from your main folders to the recycle bin folder from where you can move your data back to main folders. In this case, you don’t get free storage when you delete data from your main folders. To get the free storage against data which has been deleted you need to delete that from recycle bin folder as well.


But most of the users are looking for the data recovery options once they have either lost their phone or they have deleted their data accidentally while they don’t have any recycle bin app on their device or they have a damage iPad, iPhone or iPod.

What happens when you delete your data

Data stored on the phone storage in iPhone has links with the iOS which is called address. iOS knows the address of your data files and once you delete you data, actually data remains their but it breaks the address link with iOS and that address space becomes available for storing the data again. You can recover that data unless there is no other data is over written. If at the same address you store more data then iOS again establishes a link with that storage space unit and now you can not recover that data.

How to recover deleted data from iPhone/iPad/iPod

iPhone data recovery software from DoYourData provides you this opportunity that you can recover the data which have been deleted from your iPhone before or after the installation of this app. This amazing data recovery software will not only allow you to recover deleted data but you can use this software to restore your corrupt data. You can click here to learn how to use this data recovery software.

If you have any problems while upgrading the iOS version, or you have data loss issues during the process of jail break you can use this iPhone data recovery software to get that data back. Even you can get your data back after you go through the process of factory reset. You can also recover your data from your stolen or lost iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device, or if you are stuck on Apple logo or you forgot your password you are good to go to use this data recovery software to recover your data.

So what are you waiting for? Go and download the application from the link provided above and get your data back in no time.