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Virtual Reality Applications in Real Life

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Most of the people who have interest in latest technology advancements they are well aware of the word Virtual reality, but for a common person, Virtual reality can be explained as an environment which is very near to reality. It can be explained even better if say that it is a three dimensional computer generated environment an a person who is using a gadget can feel himself as a part of this 3D environment. Gadget can be a helmet that have a screen in it or it could be any other type of VR headset.

There are various applications of virtual reality in our daily life but mostly common people use this technology for playing video games. This is very obvious use of this technology as many interesting virtual reality computer games are introduced for kids and adults who can enjoy virtual reality games online and they can feel that they are actually playing the games. The other widely used application of this technology is watching 3D pictures that can explore any location with a 360 degree angle view. A person watching a 3D picture having VR headset can look down, up, left, right, front and back, simple in all directions and he will feel that he is actually present at that location.

Apart from watching movies, pictures and playing games, there are many other useful applications of virtual reality in real life. For example this technology is very useful for the training of security agencies as military is already using VR technology in all three departments i.e in navy, air force and army to train their soldiers by creating different virtual combat situations where soldiers can learn how to react in attacking situation and they don’t have a life threat during this type of training.

Virtual technology can also be used for Education as well where students can learn different things like they can learn about solar system. They can watch different planets in front of them by considering themselves to be in space and they can move or rotate different planets and can watch different stars as well. Then VR technology can also be used in health and medicine like in surgical simulations. Medical students can operate on a three dimensional computer generated human body so that they can watch and learn each and every aspect of human body without having a real human body for experiments.

There are various other applications of virtual reality like it can be used for construction purposes so that engineers can watch the structure before it can actually built. It can be used for fashion designing, sports and business as well.

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