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What is virtual reality technology and what are its applications

What is Virtual Reality


The term virtual reality is very common these days and if we would like to know about what is “Virtual Reality” in general than we can say that something which is very near to reality  or something which looks like real but not actually real can be termed as Virtual reality. But if take it from technical prospective than we can define the term Virtual reality as a computer generated 3D environment where a person can experience his own existence in that computer generated environment. Virtual Reality technology is used in video gaming and also in android or iOS mobiles. There are different uses of virtual reality and you can learn more about it at YouGoogle.

When you use a Virtual Reality headset it blocks all the external light and vision and you can only see through the VR headset. So the best use of VR as an entertainment tools is to watch movies through VR headset. When you watch movies on VR headset you will feel like you are a part of the movie and everything is happening in front of you. Netflix has already its own Virtual reality application which can be used with Samsung’s VR Gear headset. You can enjoy high quality HD 720p movies.

Virtual Reality Applications

Gaming industry also introducing latest games with latest technology and this time Sony and some other gaming consoles are offering their latest 3D games on Virtual realty headsets. Virtual Reality Gaming catching the attention of more and more game lovers. You can find different popular games which also supports Samsung’s VR Gear headset.

Virtual Car showrooms is also a good example of Virtual reality applications. People who loved cars and want to test new cars sound or want to sit in the cars to feel how it looks like if you are in the car then Virtual reality technology can help those car lovers in visiting different virtual car show rooms and enjoy their favorite cars. They can sit in, look around for Car’s interior and can also switch the Engine on to hear the exact sound of that particular car.

In short virtual reality technology is of great help to improve our experience in life standards and it give us a great entertainment. There are so many other uses of virtual reality technology with different applications which makes life easy.

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