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What is machine learning and what are its applications



Many people asked me about what is machine learning and why it is important these days in this technology era. So for those people who are interested to know about “What is Machine Learning” I am posting this article so that they can learn about it.

What is Machine Learning

Machine Learning is actually a method to analyse a data which is obtained from various sources and this data is authentic. By applying different algorithms on this available data computer finds out more possible out comes and hidden insight of the data. It is important to know that computer is not programmed to get that “possible outcome” but computer learns about that from the algorithms and analysis on the data.


What is the use of Machine Learning

Machine learning, also called ML, is used in various industries and studies. For example you might have seen a score predictor in a cricket match or the win predictor in same cricket match. These predictions are made by the algorithms which uses machine learning technology and a data is provided to analyse and then calculate the possible score at the end of innings or the possible winner before match starts. For this we have to provide a huge data of both the teams to computer. Like history of both teams, historical performances of batsmen, bowlers, fielders from both sides; we also have to provide the average age of players, head to head matches and their results of both teams and past performances as well as current form of the teams and its players. We also need to provide the home or away conditions and which team performs better at home and which team performs better away. Then ground details, country, weather and pitch details. All these factors are analysed by different algorithms and after that an algorithm provides us the win percentage for both the teams.

Although these predictions are not always correct because we have seen many times that a lowest ranked team can beat the hot favorites. So a good machine learning algorithm must provide accurate results for at least 80% and it could be wrong for 20%.

Other Machine Learning Applications

There are much more machine learning applications such as casualty predictor or would you die in an accident? It is also used in email filtering, fighting with spams, malicious software working for data breach. It is also applied in medical technology like a machine “STAR” which can stitch better than surgeons, it can be used in robotics and many more places.