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5 WordPress SEO Tips: Get Higher Rankings & Increase Blog Traffic



Creating a WordPress blog is not a difficult thing to do. You can easily create your first WordPress website by watching simple video tutorials from YouTube.

But creating a website or blog is not enough, to make your website profitable you need to get higher search engine rankings and you should know how to increase blog traffic.


Getting a high volume of traffic from social media or paid advertisement is a good technique for the short term. But you can’t rely on these sources all the time, eventually, you have to get organic traffic to increase your profit.

Search Engine Optimization is the best way to get higher rankings in Google and keep getting good targeted traffic.

Here I will discuss 5 simple WordPress SEO tips for getting higher search engine rankings.

Create Search Engine Friendly URLs

For better search engine rankings, URLs of your website’s pages should be search engine friendly. A search engine friendly URL is also a user-friendly URL, though URLs are for the search engines and not for the user.

But some users also check the URL and visit the site which has their required keyword in the URL.

Simple a search engine friendly URL contains your most important keyword in it and it should be a short but meaningful phrase of 5 to 8 words.

You can see the example of search engine friendly URL in the picture attached below:

permalinks wordpress seo

To make the URLs search engine friendly of your WordPress website, go to Settings >> Permalinks and from there select the SEO friendly URL of your own choice as shown in the picture above.


If you have installed WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress website to create your online store, you should follow the same instructions for WooCommerce SEO.

There could be minor changes to implement these settings on your WooCommerce website but the concepts will be the same.

Optimize Your Title Tags

Every search engine whether it is Bing, Yahoo, Google or some other, it shows the SEO title in the search results. Your SEO Title should also be search engine friendly, and again Search Engine Friendly titles are also user-friendly because the person who is searching for a specific keyword can read the title easily.

It should also contain your main focused keywords in such a way that it makes a short & meaningful phrase of maximum 60 characters (including spaces). You can include more than one main keywords in the title tag, it is not important to use the exact keywords.

As long as different words of your main keyword appear in the title in different places it is good to use those by making good sense for the user.

For example, if you have keywords “how to hack facebook password”, “hack facebook account password”, “free facebook password hack”. These are three different keywords, you can use all these three keywords like this: “How to Hack Facebook Account Password For Free“.

Now this title has all the three keywords in it and it is a good SEO friendly + user-friendly optimized title tag.


optimize title tags

To optimize your title tags, you must install a WordPress SEO plugin. All in one SEO Pack and Yoast are two most famous and free WordPress SEO plugins that you can use to optimize your title tags.

In case of WooCommerce SEO, you must use the product name in the start of your SEO title tag.

Long-Tail Keywords in Heading Tags

As you know the fact that long-tail keywords are easy to rank higher in search engines and they can provide you targeted traffic as well. So it is very important to use your long-tail keywords in the heading tags.

Like if your main keyword is “SEO Adelaide“, then you must use this keyword in Title and the URL of your page, but you should create some long-tail keywords of this main keyword and then use them in the heading tags.

long tail keywords seo rankings

The long-tail keywords for the same term could be “SEO specialist Adelaide”, “SEO consultants Adelaide”, “SEO services Adelaide” and many other keywords. Don’t forget to use these keywords in the <h2>, <h3> or <h4> heading tags in the article body.


You can find long-tail keywords by using a free SEO tool by Google, which is called Keyword Planner, or you can also use a more professional but paid tool called “Long Tail Pro”.

For the WooCommerce SEO of your online site, long-tail keywords are even more important because in that case, you have to focus those customers who are interested to buy a service.

So you should focus on the areas where you are delivering the product and also include few words like “buy”, “cheap price”, or something like this which is mostly used by those internet users who are interested to buy something.

If you really want to know how to increase blog traffic then try using long-tail keywords for once only. Targeting 100s of keywords with an average monthly keyword search of 100 to 800 is much better than targeting only a few keywords with AMS (average monthly searches) of 2000 to 5000.

You can easily increase blog traffic by targeting longtail keywords having less than 1000 AMS.

Optimize your WordPress Website & SEO for Mobile Devices

According to the latest surveys from various top-rated firms and analytics data, more than 50% of traffic is coming from mobile devices since 2016. So if your website is not responsive to mobile devices you can’t attract mobile visitors.

When you start getting traffic from mobile devices but because of your mobile non-friendly website, they will not stay on your website which will increase the bounce rate. The more bounce rate you have, the lesser are the chances to get good website rankings in Google.


So, it is important to have a mobile-friendly website with easy navigation options for mobile users. This can be done by using responsive WordPress themes and installing a few plugins that can create a mobile version of your website within no time.

website mobile friendly

After optimizing the website for the mobile view, you should also optimize your website’s SEO for mobile searches. You can check this article for optimizing the website for mobile searches.

Improve Website’s Load Time

Google also considers the website’s load time to give higher rankings to different websites. The slower websites usually have a high bounce rate and user don’t like the slow websites as well as Google itself.

So Google will not consider your website for top page ranking if your pages are taking too much time to load. So you should increase the efficiency of your website by improving the load time.

This can be done in various different ways:


  • Optimize your Images: Usually, images take a longer time to load on the server. So it is important to optimize the images which you have used on the website. If you optimize your images by decreasing their size (not the quality) then your website could load faster.
  • Using Cache Plugin: You can find different cache plugins for your WordPress website. Use these cache plugins to make your website load faster. W3 Total Cache is one good example that can increase website speed.
  • Use CDN: You can also use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to improve your website load time. To know how CDN can improve your website’s speed, you can read our article here.

These are the 5 simple WordPress SEO tips which are easy to implement without any investment and you can get higher search engine rankings with less effort in your link building campaign.

We welcome any question on the topic, don’t hesitate to ask using the comment box available below.