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Synchronize Your Google Nexus with Mac Step by Step Free Guide


The traditional way to protect the mobile phone data is to get daily backups on your computer. But this is not the best way as you need hours to take the backup daily by connecting your mobile device to the computer using a USB cable. Moreover, a lot of disk space is consumed on the computer and there is a possibility of duplicating the data, or even you can miss some important data as well. So the best way to secure your mobile data is to sync it with your computer using a good and professional sync software.


The sync process might be simple for Windows computer users, but when it comes to mac, many users find it difficult to sync their mobile with the mack to get their data safe and secure. If you have a Google Nexus and you want to sync it with your mac then you can perform this synchronization very easily in just a few steps.

SyncMate, Nexus suite for Mac, is the solution to all the synchronization problems for Nexus users.

Sync Your Nexus Contacts

Using SyncMate, one can easily sync all the contact on Nexus devices easily with the Mac. All the contact on Nexus device will be synced totally free without creating any compressed file which could be difficult to use later on. Along with contacts, you can also sync your Nexus calendar with Mac.

Synchronize Files and Folders With SyncMate

Using the expert edition of SyncMate, Nexus PC suite for mac, one can easily sync the files and folders of Nexus with Mac. All the media including pictures audio files, video files and other documents get synchronize with mac. The complete synchronization process between Nexus device and the mac using SyncMate is totally secure and there is no risk to lose your important data.


Auto Sync Feature of SyncMate

With daily backups option, you need a lot of time to save all your data. But with SyncMate you don’t need to worry about it. Once you complete the synchronization process between your Nexus and Mac for the first time, then its SyncMate which has to do all the magical work. The feature which makes SyncMate a great synchronization app is that it performs all the work in the background without interrupting the other processes.

To explore all the features of SyncMate you can download its free version and if you feel that it is worth to have in your paid apps, then get a full-featured expert version at a reasonable price from the official website of SyncMate.