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SyncMate, One Solution to Synchronize all Android mobiles with Mac

With the help of iCloud, iPhone users can easily sync their device with the mac in just a few easy steps. Whether you need to sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you can easily synchronize all your iDevices with mac using iCloud services. But things become very difficult for those who are not using all the devices made by Apple. Like for Android users, it’s not an easy task to sync their mobiles with their mac. OS X is fun to use, no doubt in it, but synchronization of Android with Mac is a difficult task.

A few days ago, while using my Xiaomi Mi5, I tried to sync my data with mac, but I could find any option on my mac. I tried by downloading various software but had no luck. Neith my Mi5 nor the mac has an option to sync both the devices.

Thanks to SyncMate, Mi PC suite for Mac, which I found free to download and it allowed me to sync my Mi5 contacts and messages with mac.

Using SyncMate I was able to synchronize Mi5 with mac in just a few minutes and I didn’t even require any video tutorial because it was just a piece of cake to connect my mobile with mac using SyncMate utility. Not only Mi, but it allows to synchronize any android mobile device with mac. Once I synchronize my own mobile, I tried my wife’s mobile as well which was Samsung Galaxy S6. I was happy to see that SyncMate was able to synchronize the Samsung mobile as well without any problem.

The only problem that I faced using SyncMate was that it allows only to sync the contacts, messages and calendar in its free version. But the simple design, and easy to use features forced me to buy its professional version which is called SyncMate Expert edition.

By getting the expert edition, I was able to use all the powerful features of SyncMate which allows me to synchronize all my folders, containing videos and pictures. With its automatic synchronization option, I never used to perform the manual operation after I set it up for the first time. Now, whenever my mac and both the mobiles are active, they get connected through Wifi and automatic sync operation starts synchronization without even asking my permission.

Now all my data is secure and I can access the data anytime whenever I needed, or even when my wife is using my mobile, I can still read my received messages and using the Mac Keyboard I can even send the messages using my Mac.

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