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The Ravishing New Launch: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with the Power to make its Predecessors and Rivals Surrender


Being always a highly reputable and unbeatable trademark in the market, and being well known for generating remarkable and distinguishable software designs; unfortunately, a while back, Samsung lagged back in revealing its creative Note Series for its customers. In spite of its everlasting excellence of delivering the best and genuine, undeservingly, the Samsung Company stood back in the race of being a stable and booming competition to all others, this time. After facing the harsh victimization of  humiliating insults and criticisms from the high expectations holding crowds, Samsung has once again become successful in establishing its front line position by acquiring an impressive image for its Note Series, with the launch of Galaxy Note 4.

Galaxy S5 was unable to possess the targeted desirable status in the market of Smartphones and Tablets. This led the Company to the consequences of large financial losses. The company’s position is still crucial and there are high hopes from Galaxy Note 5 to overcome the burdening crisis. Beat pounding software of Note 3 alleviated the dark clouds of despair after failure of two generations of phablets.


In spite of the present critical state of Samsung, the Company has given its best potential to create an absolute striking design of Galaxy Note 4, without making any obvious compromises on the device’s budget. Having a glamorous slim metallic body, neatly curved glass display and a pleasant back of faux leather, this ravishing phablet definitely has the most outstanding furnished and worth using hardware.

galaxy note 4 galaxynote 4 back goldgalaxy note 4 front

galaxy note 4 back

Let us move on with exploring Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the ultimate puzzle solver:

Retail Package:

The packaging box of Galaxy Note 4 is a slim fit for the comfy placement of this phablet, and therefore, does not occupy much extra space than the actual size of the phablet. Galaxy Note 4 box comprises of a usual space for a 2A rapid charging capacity holding charger, a fine audio input headset that can by comfortably placed in the listener’s ears, and a tangle free charging and data transferring cable with a plug for microUSB 2.0 port, unlike the previous models of the series having microUSB 3.0. This box also comes with a remote for Galaxy Note 4, especially designed for volume control of any type of compatible audio of the device.

galaxy note 4 unboxing

360 Degree Spin:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is almost equal in dimensions that is 153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5mm, but some grams heavier that is of 176 grams, in comparison to the previous models. The reason for this is that the curved surface of glass of Galaxy 4 needs more surface area for accommodation of its design.

Design and Handling:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a very natural feel and look. This feature outclasses this phablet, its very natural design that makes it exclusive is due to its smart metallic frame surrounding a plastic back that does not look and feel like the ordinary unreal display of similar devices. Its plastic body has a very real leathery touch, which is an eye-catching upgrade of the design of Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This leathery texture gives this phablet the quality of easy handling and solid impression. Previous Smartphones had the drawback of silver painted plastic frames as a substitute of metallic frames. They were not that durable and often wore off after some months of use. This disrupted the actual handsome look of phones and served as a great disappointment for customers purchasing them.

The curved Gorilla glass 3 of this model sets it more apart towards uniqueness and makes its display significantly more enhanced than the flat glass. A real setback for Galaxy Note 4 design that spoils its look is the uneven gap between the display screen of the phablet and the metallic frame. Customers show concern with this look as it serves as a compromise in this product’s desirable look, and becomes a source of dust accumulation in this narrow space. Dust cannot be cleared easily; therefore, users have to take more care to avoid any inconvenience and hesitation to use it. The privilege of extra prominent metallic frame of Galaxy Note 4 is the extra protection in case the device falls down with the screen facing downwards.


Note 4 Design Note 4 Design Note 4 Design Note 4 Design



Note 4 Design

With its outstanding designed devices being launched every now and then, Samsung has successfully acquired a position in its marketplace. The company is now capable of standing side by side and effectively confronting its rivals including Apple. This is not an ordinary victory. It is not easy to carry phablets with one hand, they always makes the user indulge in their use with both hands. But, Note 4 has been made easier to use with its three functional keys located near its inferior border rather than towards the superior side.


Speaker of Galaxy Note 4 is allocated at the top of its 5.7” display screen, and a 3.7 MP front camera with facility of 1080p video recording, is also situated at its top left corner. IR gesture that was previously present in Note 3 is missing from Note 4, as Samsung has realized that this feature is not worth reintegrating.

At the lower end of the display screen, same three functional buttons are allocated as in all Smartphones; namely, the center button for clicking the home menu of all applications, at its right is the task button and at its left is the back button. The button at the right side of the phablet controls the power on/off function and also the screen lock feature, as usual. The left side button again controls the volume of any audio of the phablet. It would have been more convenient to use with one hand, if the volume rocker was located a little lower. All these control buttons are well spaced and comprise of a size that can be accurately operated.

The drawback of Note 3 was that speaker was located at such a location that when the user gripped the phablet for playing games, audio output was obstructed. This issue has been resolved in Note 4. Moreover, unlike the previous generations, when you open the back cover, it reveals a 3220mAh battery, a nicely separated space for microSIM and micro SD card. At the lower end of Galaxy Note 4, you can find a couple of mics and an S pen portion.


An immensely highlighting feature that makes Samsung Galaxy Note 4 quite exclusive as compared to its previous generations and also its rivals is its highly saturated contrast ratio with a color contrast display that also superbly reflects in sunlight. This feature is attained via its QHD with striking 2560 x 1440 pixels that was never available in the previous generation Galaxy Note devices. This heart snatcher feature is making its consumers feel like being in the air.

Its super AMOLED panel is truly worth appreciation and one can definitely observe significant improvement in the quality that Samsung is being producing throughout with every newly launched Smartphone and phablet.

However, the screen display size of Galaxy Note 4 remains the same as its predecessors that is 5.7’’. Galaxy Note 4 is offering 515ppi panel instead of the usual retinal capacity of 300 ppi. This feature makes it distinguishable from all other similar devices. The pixel pattern of this Note is of PenTile matrix, having sub pixels of variable colors having varying sizes. This feature generates amazing sharpness of viewable pixels, and each varying sub-pixels generates its powerful efficacy, making the device have more lasting quality. The saturation concentration of each gives such a strength and life to every displayed image that the images seem to be popping out of the screen, therefore, creating a 3D effect. Unlike its rivals, Note 4 has an infinite contrast ratio that makes it simply the best and versatile.

note 4 display

Display test 50% brightness 100% brightness
Black, cd/m2 White, cd/m2 Contrast ratio Black, cd/m2 White, cd/m2 Contrast ratio
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 0 291 0 399
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 0 149 0 379
Apple iPhone 6 0.17 207 1230 0.61 740 1213
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 0.17 208 1197 0.52 705 1361
LG G3 0.14 109 763 0.72 570 789
Samsung Galaxy S5 0 274 0 529
Oppo Find 7 0.22 248 1135 0.4 448 1123

Surprisingly, the Auto brightness mode makes the display accelerate to the brightness level that cannot even be achieved via adjustment in the setting of brightness controlling slider. This characteristic explored by the users, was amazingly not even recognized in Samsung’s own testing laboratory.

S Pen:     

The facilitative S Pen has an alike elliptical shape as that of Note 3 but it is comparatively thinner. To enhance the holding grip of such thin Pen, Samsung has smartly integrated anti-slipping ridges on the pen’s design. The button on the side of the S Pen, though was documented to generate an inconvenient handling while using it with Note 3, yet has been reintroduced at exactly the same position in the structure of Note 4’s S Pen.

Samsung has integrated Wacom digitizer on Note 4 that enables to enhance the sensitivity of S Pen. This means that the user can more comfortably use the S Pen with a natural flow, and can enjoy the experience even more than before. This is possible due to the mechanism that Wacom digitizer operates with; it detects 2048 variable pressure levels.

Battery Life:

Initially queries and curiosity rose amongst the fan crowds regarding the 3220 mAh battery tendency of the double resolution possessing Galaxy Note 4. Questions were about the battery lasting time of Note 4 considering its high power utilization with the same battery capacity as that of its ancestor generations.

For the customers’ relief, Samsung had already made preparations at the back end by integrating a more powerful chipset in Note 4 for higher consumption capacity. This has enabled Note 4’s battery to last for an additional 10 hours, making it workable for a total of 87 hours with a totally charged up battery.

battery test note 4


Putting light on the performance analysis of Galaxy Note 4, it in cooperates a processor system of Snapdragon version with 32-bit high-end chip set from Qualcomm manufacturer. It is assembled with a CPU that is quad core, delivering a performance speed of 2.7 GHz to the device. This CPU comprises of four Krait 450 cores, and the graphical processor consists of an Adreno 420 GPU. In Geekbench 3 and AnTuTu 5, Galaxy Note 4 was listed as a high score attainer.

The Adreno 420 GPU was found to be a tough competitor and gave promising results when tested via onscreen and offscreen GFXBench and Gaming benchmark Basemark X analysis. According to the off-screen test conclusion, Galaxy Note 4 stands second in line after Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Results of Basemark X revealed that the Gaming area of this device is fantastic and loveable for the gaming lovers. Kraken test results prove that Galaxy Note 4 is a highly appreciable device, as according to this test’s result, Note 4 ranks just second to Galaxy Alpha and Apple iPhone 6 Plus. In HTML 5 performance test, Note 4 stands unbeatable by all except iPhone 6 Plus.

Snapdragon 805 smoothly facilitates the users of Note 4 with multitasking of the device. Multi functioning can be rapidly handled in an un-perplexed way on this device, except for accessibility of recent applications opening feature that requires 30 seconds to initiate. The point to be noted here is that Nexus 5 also takes the same time in initiating the ‘recent app’ feature.

Camera and Video Recording:

The main camera of Note 4 possesses crisp image capturing property with a wide aspect ratio of 16:9, which means it can conveniently click big surface areas. Therefore, you would never regret you decision to opt for Galaxy Note 4 as it is a great source to save your mesmerizing memories of family get togethers and capturing worth perceiving natural beauty of sceneries. Note 4 is capable of capturing awesome pictures due to its capacity of 16 MP.

In the image viewing Gallery, you can enjoy watching your clicked pictures in full clear view, without the need to zoom or figuring out any blurred images on zooming. The main camera has a wide aperture of 2.2 that enables it to sufficiently capture good quality images in low light. Another add on that adds benefit for picture quality is optical image stabilization property. The front camera is structured with an aperture of 1.9 and captivating capacity of 3.7 MP.

When you tap the main camera app, it has option to switch between main camera, front camera and camcorder. All the adjustable setting are aligned in a column at the left. At the bottom, you have options of modes to scroll, including the selfie mode or the selective focus mode. However, there aren’t much options of pre-installed modes to select from. Image details are more prominent in the center of the captured images, although the far corners are not also compromised on.

Be it any occasion, or any location, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is simply compatible for all. Noise and vitality reflected from the images, are quite in balance. The video recording capacity of Note 4 is also dynamic with the camcorder picking up small bits of details also. The picture quality of the videos recordable with Note 4 is not less than an image resolution of 8 MP. This device records 4K and 1440p videos at 30fps and 1080p videos at 30 and 60 fps.


The photo gallery of Note 4 can be viewed in either of the two categories, either in terms of time or in the album interface. The album-viewing mode can also be sub categorized and is more interesting to customize pictures. Note 4 auto detects and separately recruits the images with people in one category and also automatically sets categories for pets, cars, scenery, food etc. and automatically picks and places pictures in respective categories. Moreover, it has an option for sharing your images with Facebook, Dropbox, Picasa etc. The device is also blessed with the opportunity to select images in batches and not just copy or delete them, but also auto-rotate them with multi-selection.

Music and Video Player:

Music player of Galaxy Note 4 is enriched with a collection of uncountable compatible file formats, including FLAC, which means you don’t have to bother any more to find the compatible format of your favorite track song; you can just play and enjoy your song. Note 4 music player displays a clear view of the song list, this list clearly indicates the present played song and the next song so that you can skip to the song that you want to hear next. It also tries to represent the lyrics of the song that you are listening. It also has a music square that is capable of providing you a list of songs according to your mentioned mood mode.

Regarding the video player, pointing out a video file with the S Pen opens up that video file like a pop up that you can instantly enjoy. Apart from the images, pinch zoom is also available for videos in this device to closely observe specific details of the videos. Videos can be switched in phases of 100% width or screen fit phase without disturbing the aspect ratio of the video frame.

Audio Quality:

Audio quality test results of Note 4 revealed similar output as that of its ancestor generations. When an external amplifier was plugged in during the testing of audio, Note 4 showed excellence.

Other Apps:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has awesome internal security measures accommodated for all of the data of the device. The device offers great protection and confidentiality for its data’s solidarity via phone encryption feature and privacy mode setting. ‘Find my mobile’ App enables you to activate remote control of your Note 4 so you can trace the location of your stolen or lost Note 4 and remotely lock it to make it inaccessible.

The backup feature serves as a reservation reservoir for your device’s data in case you lose your device’s phonebook, messages and downloaded stuff due to any damage and repair situation of Note 4.

S Health App serves as your diet chart, keeping up track rate of your utilized and required calories. It also comprises of a calorie chart with the respective food sources. It also has an inbuilt infrared port that updates you with the timings and days of TV schedules of all the channels around the Globe.


Summing up the details of Note 4, it is a truly exotic device that possesses the features, which definitely fulfills the desired ideal requirements of every user.

To be highlighted:

  • The sensitive sensor holding finely designed S Pen
  • Beyond question now, the satisfying battery life
  • Its crisp saturated contrast and its really high resolution display
  • Loudspeaker pitch that this phablet is uniquely blessed with
  • A 16 MP vibrant camera
  • And a charming 4K video shooting, ideal for business class.

360 Degree view and images taken from GSMArena.com

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