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3 Reasons Why Traditional Books Are Better Than E-Books

ebooks vs printed books

ebooks vs printed books

In the age of Smartphones, you might be reading a lot of books and research papers using eBooks on your Smartphones, tablets or specially designed gadget Kindle. But do you remember the time when you use the traditional paper books to get any kind of help or when you were a school going kid, you use to read your favorite stories on these paper books?

I personally feel that the charm of reading stories in the childhood holding a traditional book in hands is much greater than reading the same stories having an iPad or a Kindle.


Well, many people including me, still believe that traditional books are much better than eBooks and here are the three simple reasons.

  1. Printed Books Provide Better Reading Comprehension: A research work has been done at West Chester University which shows that kids who use traditional printed books have better reading comprehension. On iPad or other devices, kids skip the content of the book for some eye-catching and graphical features of eBooks which reduces their reading comprehension.
  2. Easy to Remember Stories on Traditional Books: It is noted that those kids who read the story using a paper book can remember the story timeline in a much better way as compared to those kids who read the same story using an eBook.
  3. A lot of Distraction on eBooks: When kids are reading a storybook on iPad or tablet, there are a lot of things for the distraction. For example, a lot of games, or other entertaining stuff which can distract the brain of kids. Pop up ads can also distract them furthermore, staring for a long time on a bright screen is not good for eyes as well. Whereas kids can focus on the content of the story without any distraction while reading on a traditional printed paper book.

There are a lot more arguments can be provided which can prove that traditional books are much better and effective than the eBooks.

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