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Flexpand Power: An Extendable Electric Solution For Electric Switches

Flexpand Electric Extension


Flexpand Electric Extension

We all have electric switches in the houses which are in the spots where they don’t look unordinary. But when we actually try to use them either they are too far away or we face a shortage of wire. The charger cables are often small. They cant reach the switch hence we have to leave our devices plugged far away from us. We have to wait for the device to get charged and then be used. Numerous companies are trying to find a solution that is user-friendly. But FLEXPAND has finally found a solution for this problem.


Flexpand Power is the only extension that has changed the perception of electric connection switches of the users. This extension extends three to four times more than the normal extension. The mechanism has been built accordingly that helps in extending and flexibility of the cable. There is no other product on the market that has the capability of such traits.

What are the Special traits of the FlexPand?

Flexpand is one of those strips that helps in creating a powerful connection with the switch itself. It is basically a power strip that bends in according to the user needs. The strip can be used with every kind of the adapter. No outlet is wasted, the wire can be flexed according to requirement.  Current will flow through every outlet there won’t be traffic jams as it happens in the normal extensions and switches.

We use an extension for a very long period of time. Once an extension or electric strip gets old it doesn’t provide all the safety. The extension tends to tear off and can tear off. Flexpand can guarantee the safety over the period of time and it won’t get damaged. There are four outlets through where electric current can flow to use. Usb Ports are also present that helps in charging modern devices. The market has given Flexpand a nickname as shield extension to give the credit to extension extra capabilities on saving the house wiring from overheating. The defence mechanism acts as a shield.

Flexpand has been tested in a different set of hard condition where they were tested on overheating and cross wiring. Flexpand passed all those tests with the flying colors without fretting in the harsh conditions. This charging strip is capable of handling bulk charging as well as the over holding large chargers. The Flexpand can cross most difficult orientations as well. This extension has been a lifesaver for the people who have difficult curving architecture at home.