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What is Electronic Keyless Digital Door Lock and Why You Need This

best keyless digital door lock

best keyless digital door lock

With every passing day, there are new technology advancements in every field of life. Whether it is medical field, digital life, textiles, health, sports, or anything else, we are very much dependent on technology. Latest technology gadgets are very helpful and make our life easy. Same is the case with the security of your house, shop, store or your office. Traditional door locks which require a key to unlock are not secure anymore because it is very easy now to get the duplicate keys for these traditional locks or intruders can also use simple wires to unlock the doors with their special techniques.

So it is the right time to upgrade your security measures as well by using the latest technology. Electronic door locks are in use from a long time in different hotels and big companies which require a special card to unlock those digital door locks. These cards are provided to only authorized people like in an office, only the staff of record room will have the key card to open the digital lock of record room. No other person from the same office but the different department will be provided the card to unlock record room. If any one wants to get a duplicate card, he has to consult with the office management, unauthorized persons won’t be able to provide a duplicate card. This process makes the security system more safe and unbreachable.


Then if we see the latest banking system where the security of money, customer records, and other valuable things is the first preference, digital door locks are used in the bank vaults. In these door locks, they use a digital pin to open the door of the bank vault. They don’t use card keys in this banking system because that is unsecured in a sense that a card can be stolen by a robber and then it can be misused, so higher security is needed at bank vault. Digital pin is just a number which is provided to authorized persons and they just need to memorize that number in their mind which can’t be stolen.

Pin codes for a digital door lock can be kept safe in a smartphone by having an extra layer of Mobile’s own security locks. Though it is not required; but if a person fears that he might forget the pin code then he can keep that code in his mobile which has a screen lock as well. So that no unauthorized person can access his mobile and therefore no one can get access to that digital pin.

The best electronic keyless digital door locks are based on biometric verification system which needs finger prints or even uses face recognition. In secure places, these biometric door locks installed and fingerprints data of authorized persons is provided to the digital system. Then only authorized persons can get access to that hall, building or home and they just need to use their fingerprint to unlock the door lock. They don’t need to keep the key card or don’t need to memorize the digital pin.

So everyone should use this digital door lock system in their homes, stores, shops or office premises to make the place more secure and to stop the entrance of unauthorized persons. You can buy the digital door lock of your own choice from your local market or from any online reputed store in very reasonable price.