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Mac PC Assistant To Synchronize Vivo by SyncMate

SyncMate Vivo PC assistant for mac

Synchronization is usually a difficult task for many mobile users because it takes a lot of time and the process is complicated as the user must be familiar with latest technology terms and he/she must be familiar with troubleshooting of different software and applications. Mobile synchronization with PC could be done by doing some research on Google, but when a beginner has to sync his or her mobile with the Mac, then it is almost impossible for a new Mac user to sync the mobile with mac.


New brands like Vivo and MI or even more tricky to get synched with the Mac computers. It is a known fact that you can not access your mobile just like a mounted disk using a simple USB cable that connects your mobile and mac. For Windows computer, this can be easily done but with mac, it is not possible unless you have PC assistant application installed on your mac.

To sync your Vivo mobile with mac you need the application called SyncMate, Vivo assistant for Mac.

Every mobile brand has its own PC suite or PC assistant application. But mostly it is provided only for Windows based computers and not for the Mac. To sync your Vivo mobile with mac, you have to use Vivo PC Suite for mac which is provided by the SyncMate, the best application that works with most of the mobile brands including iPhone, Vivo, Oppo, Google Nexus and many other mobile brands.

To use Vivo PC assistant for Mac, don’t need to be a technically strong person. If you know the basic use of Mac you can easily use SyncMate and can synchronize your VIVO device in just a few steps. You can select your own preferences what data you want to synchronize with your mac like you can select your contacts, messages, calendar entries, call history, photos, videos, or any other documents from your mobile.

Moreover, you can enable the automatic sync option which is very useful to synchronize your mobile without doing any manual operation except for the first time. If you have connected your mobile with a wifi connection then you can use your mobile normally and synchronization process will complete by running in the background without interrupting your routine use. Then you can also set a custom time duration after which automatic synchronization starts again to check if there are any changes in the data.


For example, SyncMate, Vivo PC assistant is running on your mac and your mobile is connected with it using Wifi connection, the sync time is set for 30 minutes, now whenever your mobile is in the range of that Wifi connection, synchronization will start after every 30 minutes.

SyncMate, Vivo PC assistant for Mac can also mount your Vivo device as a local disk on mac which is not possible without this PC suite because Mac doesn’t have any built-in functionality to mount external devices as a disk. You can also use this PC assistant to sync any external USB device with mac, you can sync your iCloud storage, Dropbox storage, any other Windows program like Office 360.

The expert edition is the powerful version of SyncMate whereas you can also download the free version with limited features. Using free version is handy if you want to learn how this application works and after understanding the process and importance you can buy the full version.