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What is RFID Skimming? Do I need a RFID Wallet for Protection?

rfid skimming

rfid skimming

What is RFID

RFID stands for ‘Radio Frequency Identification’. What is RFID? This technology is used to read the data electronically from credit cards, passports and other things like this. This technology uses an electromagnetic field to get the information from any object attached track tags.


Usually, on Highways, vehicles have special cards attached with different tags, toll plazas have special devices to read information from those tags and it saves a lot of time and also helps to keep the flow of traffic. Credit cards and passports also have such tags that can be used to read the data by using a special RFID device.

This technology, no doubt, makes life easy but there are some disadvantages as well. Technology can be easily misused for frauds and anyone can hack your credit card or passport details using this technology.

What is RFID Skimming

RFID skimming referred to the fraud practice of hacking credit card details illegally. When unauthorized people get access to a device, which can identify the tags and can read the data from a credit card, they use the device in public places and hack credit card details from the people passing around them.


They don’t even to touch them or to stop them, they just need to bring the device near their pocket where they might have the credit card in their wallet. The special device can easily read the data from cards in the wallet. After getting this data, the hacker can use the credit card without the permission of the owner and can do online shopping for thousands of dollars.

To understand the RFID Skimming in more technical terms, you can visit the link >>

RFID Blocking Wallets Can Save Your Personal Data

There are different methods to block the RFID signals to protect your data. Some would advise you to have an aluminum bar in your wallet which can block the RFID signals. But having an aluminum bar would not be a comfortable idea. The easiest way to block the RFID signals is by using a special cloth that doesn’t allow the signals to pass through.

You can find various RFID blocking wallets made up of that special type of cloth which will block any theft attempt and will protect your personal data. You can easily buy any RFID wallet from an online store like Ali Express or eBay in a range from $20 to $100.

It might be expensive for you at the start but in the long-term, it will save a lot of your money from electronic pickpocketing.