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Google Pixel 5 Release Date, Expected Price, Specs and Performance


September proved to be the month of leaks as Google unveils its Pixel 5 in the last night launch event. The flagship Google Pixel 5 is announced along with the same performance but slightly less features Google Pixel 4 5G with a starting price of 5G. Let’s talk about the release date, price, specs, and performance of Google Pixel 5.


Google Pixel 5 Release Date and Price

Google Pixel 5 is available for the pre-orders from the 1st October and you can order one for you from the Google Store. During the pre-orders, you can book your device for as low as $699 while you will receive it in the same month.

You can also pr-order Google Pixel 4 5G at an amazing price of $499. Rumors were in the air about the Pixel 5 XL, but there is no such device as in the launch event Google introduces Chromecast with Google TV and Google Nest Audio alongside the Pixel devices.

Google Pixel 5 Variants

Pixel 5 has storage of 128GB out of the box but it lacks the microSD card slot. So, you have to stick to the internal storage. It is available unlocked so that you can choose the carrier of your own choice. You can also order through Google Fi or Verizon.

Later it will be available with the AT&T option. There will be two colors in Pixel 5, Sorta Sage, and Black.

Google Pixel 5 Specs

The powerful hardware of Google pixel 5 makes it one of the best Android phones in the market. You will get Android OS 11 out of the box. With that, you will get 6 inches OLED display in Google Pixel 5 with a 2340×1080 resolution and 90Hz refresh rate.

You will get 128GB storage space and 8GB RAM which is good enough for gaming and any other heavy applications. On the backside, you will have a 12.2 MP wide camera and 16MP ultrawide camera. On the front side, an 8MP camera is installed.


Snapdragon 765G CPU makes it a perfect phone for gaming and smooth performance. Pixel 5 is equipped with a powerful battery of 4000 mAh. The display of the Google Pixel 5 is slightly enhanced from its previous version Pixel 4.

In case you need any display unit or other accessories you can contact the Google Pixel parts supplier for top quality parts.

Google Pixel 5: Performance

Google Pixel 5 Performance Review
Pic credit: TomsGuide

As we have mentioned earlier that Google Pixel 5 came with Snapdragon 765G CPU which is good enough to provide smooth performance for gaming. This chipset is not as efficient as Snapdragon 865 which most of the flagship Android phones are using, still, it is good enough to provide you excellent gaming performance.

This chipset is capable enough to support the artificial intelligence-based features of Google. These features include the Call Screen and Hold for Me.


Overall it is a good phone that will be perfect in the 699$ price. The performance and display will be bright in the sunlight. A more detailed review will be available at MobileFun once we get the mobile.


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