What is machine learning and what are its applications


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What is virtual reality technology and what are its applications


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The Pharma Hack. Effects on Shared Web Hosting Facilities


If you’re using WordPress or Joomla as your platform of choice, you’ve probably come across the term “pharma hack.” In its current form, the pharma hack More...

satellite phone rentals

Satellite Phone Rentals: The best option for travelers

Travelling without a mobile phone these days is a night mere for anyone who is travelling world wide or even travelling to neighboring less populated areas because signal strength More...

What is Satellite phone, how it works and where to buy

Communication technology is flourishing with a rapid speed even in non developed countries. If you go back 20 to 30 years back then most of the developing countries have land More...

Working with an Emoji Keyboard: Intriguing and Entertaining

emoji works keyboard

If you have ever considered sending emojis to someone, you can be proud of yourself. While many people refrain from accepting More...

Kids can learn new languages every month from iPhone

zangu language learning app

Learning new languages is the need of this time when this world is just like a global village where you need to More...

How to configure PTCL router How to Configure your PTCL Router and Wifi Settings

Usually internet router is provided by the internet service provider to home users and they send...

Technology Guide and Solutions on YouTube

Technology Guide and Solutions on YouTube...

HP Touch Screen Core i5 7th Generation HP Notebook 15-AY013DX, Core i5 Touch Screen 6GB RAM 1TB Sata Hard Drive

HP Notebook - 15-ay013dx, 7th generation with 2.3 GHz core i5 6200U processor and 6...

Apple’s iPhone 8 (2017) Rumors: Release Date, Price and Specs

iphone 8 wireless charging

The first iPhone with 3GB RAM will be iPhone 8 which is not yet officially announced by Apple. But there are More...

5 reasons why you should buy Samsung mobile rather than iPhone

If you are going to buy a new mobile and you are confused about buying an iPhone or Samsung then you..

How Forged iPhone Charger can put your Life in Danger?

Lot of buzz was created last July, if you could remember when the Apple iPhone 5 was exploded and caused the..

How to Test Samsung Mobile Functionality With Secret Code

samsung secret code for testing

We have created a detailed video for those who are planning to purchase a used or second hand Samsung mobile More...

Demand of Galaxy S8 Plus is Higher than Expected, Samsung Increased the Production

Samsung has decided to change the ratio to 45% production for the bigger model and 55% production for the small model...

5 reasons why you should buy Samsung mobile rather than iPhone

If you are going to buy a new mobile and you are confused about buying an iPhone or Samsung then you..
apple mac wallpaper

Apple iPhone Wallpapers for New iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S

Apple is something about which people are gone mad and crazy, they love to have at least one apple device because..
Dota 2 online gaming

Play Cheat Free Online eSports Games at GILGAM.ES

At GilGam.es online gaming is safe now and you can spend as much money as you want on online gaming with..