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Twitter hacked, user data for as many as 250,000 may have been accessed

twitter hacked

It was reported about two weeks ago that major IT companies of USA will be attacked by hackers and there were security threats for many social media sites and other web owners. Yesterday night many twitter users found that they could not use their twitter account and they were not able to loggin with their username and password. Many users have recieved emails from Twitter to reset their passwords after resetting they successfully accessed their twitter account.
twitter hacked


Twitter has confirmed that some professional hackers, a team or an individual, attacked on and able to get access to sensitive information. Twitter reported th at they found some strange patterns on data access which is a proof of some hacking attack on twitter data base. They said that hacker might access the usernames, passwords and email addresses from the databases. It is estimated that about 250,000 users are affected. Twitter has sent emails to the effected users with a link to reset passwords. If you have recieved any email from twitter than it means that your password was hacked and now you should set a secure password rather than an easy pattern.  Twitter also advised users to exercise “good password hygine” which is no doubt a good practice.

Twitter stated that: “the attack was not the work of amateurs” and was “extremely sophisticated.”  Twitter openly admits that they were attacked and they warned other companies to take good measures for security.  If you are not able to find any connection between your connected twitter and facebook accounts, or if you are not able to share pictures on twitter from your smartphone, than go and check your email and find the email from twitter to reset your password.