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Nokia is also Going Android


According to the Wall Street Journal, Nokia is planning to launch its long rumored Android Smartphone later in this month at Mobile World Congress Trade Show Barcelona. Unlike Windows phone, these upcoming models will not be highly priced and aim to target low end segment of the devices.

As Android devices are increasing in popularity with every passing day, this new strategy by Nokia of launching Android devices may help their products somewhat to give tough competition to competitors.

The upcoming model will be having 5MP camera, 1500mAH battery with the dual-SIM feature.

Reports also say that it has Snapdragon Dual-core 1 GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 4inch WVGA screen and a card slot for microSD.

However, the access to the “Play Store” will not be available, but plenty of other exciting apps such as Here maps, Mix Radio, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Whatsapp can be accessed through the Nokia’s own store.

Nokia’s decision for going Android will surely revive the brand as the high-end Windows smartphones do not seem to work for the company.

We have seen that Nokia used various home-grown operating systems in the developing market for their low end phones. Testing Android on their low end phone also seems in line with the long run policy of the company.

Last year, Nokia was sold to Microsoft and later on company launched many high-end windows smartphones to reposition the brand. If the phone is priced well, then Nokia’s Android devices will surely result in the faster adoption of their devices.

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