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Pakistan Currency Shows up for App on Google Play Store


Pakistani currency has now been included in the supported countries list of Google Play Products. Now, the users from Pakistan can view the prices of various products in Pakistan rupees which allow them to purchase the different application in local currency.

This is a good move on part of Google as it will benefit the user and help the developer in Pakistan to set the prices of their app in local currency.

The Google support page states that regardless of the default price and currency set by the developer, amount will be deducted in local currency for any purchase.

Those users who like to play games and want to play the premium games on the Google Play can now make the purchase easily and save the currency conversation charges as well. The minimum price set for any application on the Play store starts from Rs. 105 which can go up to Rs. 21000.

The users of Android have also confirmed that prices on the Google Play are showing in the Pakistan currency.

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