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Blind: Anonymous Workplace Community App To Chat With Strangers

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Sharing your thoughts with others to prove that you have abilities to flourish and have the vision to take the things to a next level is no doubt a great experience. In a social circle or a social app provides you this opportunity where you can share your thoughts and express your feelings about anything openly. This is the main reason why social media and social apps are getting fame every passing day. But there is another side of the social media. You can share the good things openly, but you can’t criticize your society, your culture, your values or you can’t point out the negative things adopted by the society on the name of religion.

If you want to raise your voice against the bad doing of elite class or the corruption of the politicians, you can’t do this on social media. Even you can’t discuss the bad behavior of your boss with your co-workers or with anyone else on social media. Because everyone fears that if he or she caught discussing the negative and bad behavior of the boss, he or she may lose the job. At this point, everyone wants to have a platform where he/she can express the feelings and thoughts about different events or about different personalities including one’s boss as well.

Blind is the solution to all these problems. It is a social application where you can create your own community and groups anonymously and you don’t have to reveal your identity to anyone neither other members of the group have to reveal their identities and all the members can share their feelings comfortably.

Blind is the widely used workplace community app where so many employees from different companies like Microsoft, Uber and Amazon share the experiences and their opinion about different things. According to Forbes, the Blind get famous after an incident took place in Korean Airline when the daughter of an executive misbehaved with the flight attendant. This incident was discussed on Blind by the employees of that Airline and everyone shared in a group anonymously whatever they knew about that incident. The mainstream media also get the information from that Blind discussion and that incident became the breaking NEWS that day.

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In the same way, many employees of different companies joined the Blind to discuss different shortcoming about their company and they can freely share their thoughts about what they need from the company and from the bosses. Many employees believe that this is the best way to convey the message to seniors which they can’t do using the traditional social media.

To use Blind, one just need to choose a Blind username and need to log in using the company email. Any member can create a group to discuss the company, or to discuss any event. Even people can discuss politics, religion and many other things about a specific topic.

This anonymous workplace community app has been downloaded for more than half a million times. This shows the popularity and usability of the application. Just download it and discuss anything without revealing your identity.

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