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Samsung may Produce Panels for Apple’s iPad Retina Display


You may be surprised to know that Samsung is going to manufacture the A8 chip of Apple with TSMC and according to the latest reports; the Korean giant may also produce the few Apple’s retina display for iPad Mini 2If you could remember, these two tech giant had the patent conflict which lead them in the courtroom and caused Samsung to pay a hefty sum of money as a plenty. Now, the second patent trial between these two companies is also going to begin at the end of March.


Currently, three companies have been producing the Retina Display Panels for Apple and one of the companies, AUO, discontinued its panel manufacturing operations in order to focus on the smartphones. On the other hand, LG and Sharp will continue to produce the panels for Apple. In the media, there are rumors that Samsung will replace the current panel production for Sharp. However, this is not confirm yet officially but we will keep you update as we receive any official confirmation.