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How to use WhatsApp on your PC Officially

Whatsapp on Pc

Years ago, free messaging was a dream which comes true after the introduction of viber, WhatsApp, tango and many other such messengers for different operating systems. WhatsApp is widely used messenger on android, windows, iOS and BB. But like other messengers, e was also only to use on your smartphone. Many people including me, wanted this service to sync with personal computers and laptops to make life more easier.

This dream comes true now as WhatsApp introduced “WhatsApp Web” officially for their users. Using this service you can use WhatsApp and stay connected with your friends an family by using your PC. You can’t install the app on PC as you must have a smartphone for this purpose and active installation of WhatsApp on your smartphone. All the data and messages will be on your phone, but you can sync it with your PC.

How to use WhatsApp on PC?

The process is as easy as 1, 2, 3…. You need a WhatsApp ready smartphone updated to latest version. With this you need a personal computer and internet connection. Just follow easy steps below and its all set:


1- Setup WhatsApp application on your smartphone and activate it using your mobile number.

2- Using your PC go to web address: www.webs.whatsapp.com

3- It will show you a screen having QR code which you need to scan using your smartphone’s camera.

4- Open WhatsApp application on your smartphone, go to menu, select “WhatsApp Web”.

5- Upon selection above option, your camera will turned on automatically.

6- Focus your camera on your PC screen to scan the QR code that is visible on www.webs.whatsapp.com

7- Now its all set, just keep your mobile on and connected with Internet and use WhatsApp on your PC.

There are different limitations as well on this service. As this service is available only for Google Chrome, you can’t use it on other browsers. This service is not available for iPhone users. Your phone must be on and connected with internet.

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