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Call Recorder Automatic: Android App Review by Mobile Fun

Call Recorder Automatic Android App Review

If you don’t have an automatic call recorder on your mobile, then you might be looking for an Android application that can record all your incoming and outgoing calls automatically. In your search, you might find this app called “Call Recorder Automatic” and you might use it as it has 10M+ downloads. We have reviewed this application and used if for 7 days. During our app review of Call Recorder Automatic, we have found some critical security and privacy issues.


  • Record all incoming calls
  • Record all outgoing calls
  • You can add numbers to ignore list
  • Turn on the speaker if you have Android 9.0 or above to record the other side.
  • Take more time to load
  • A lot of ads in free version
  • A critical bug that sometimes creates problems while sending an audio message on WhatsApp or other messengers
  • So, we would like you not to use this call recording app until you watch this app review video by Mobile Fun.

Follow this link to get this application from Google Play:

Device Information

We installed the Call Recorder Automatic app on our Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G9200FD mobile. The android version of this mobile is 7.0 Nougat.

Review Duration

We used this app for almost 7 days and after using it continuously, we made this review for the readers.

1st Impression

Overall, Call Recorder Automatic has a good impression for the 1st time user. It has 10M+ downloads which are very good. It’s 4.1 ratings on Google Play is impressive as well. It takes a bit more time to load on the mobile. A simple and easy-to-use interface makes this app more user-friendly.

Features Offered

The user interface is very clean and it provides different features that you can easily understand. On the main interface, you can find separate tabs for outgoing call recordings, incoming call recordings and one tab for all calls.

This call recording Android app also provides an option to share the call recording using the share button on the main screen against each recorded call.

Call Recorder Automatic Review

Then you can turn on/off all the incoming or outgoing calls from the settings. It is your choice whether you want to record only incoming calls or only outgoing calls, or you want to record all calls. Then you can also enable or disable the caller ID function from the settings tab.

Then you have the option of creating an ignore list. You can make a list and add numbers that you don’t want to get recorded by this application.


App Review Call Recorder Automatic

How Did It Work?

Well, it worked fine for us on Galaxy S6 that has Android 7.0. It recorded all the calls that we make or that we receive from different numbers. All calls were recorded no matter speaker was on or off. The Voice quality of the recording was good and you can distinguish all the call recordings as it auto-detects the caller ID.

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We found some bad reviews on Google Play about the app that it only records the call if the speaker is on. For that, we checked it by installing the same app on Galaxy A50 that has Android 9.0. And yes, you will get a notification after installation that this application will only record the other side voice on the call if you turn on the speaker during the call.

Android App Review Call Recorder

You will get this message on Android Pie that “Your device recording is limited”. Otherwise, the app works fine on Android 7.0.

Problems in Call Recorder Automatic App

If you ask us that did you find any problems with the call recorder automatic? My answer would be… Yes, a lot of problems.

Number 1, it is very slow when you load the app. It takes a lot of time for loading. Then it has too many ads in its free version. You will be fed up by the ads, especially the unethical and “bad” ads.

Well, you can sort out the problem by buying the premium version of this app, but you have to face this issue in the Free version.

Then we also find big security or you can say a privacy issue. This call recorder automatic Android app has a bug in it. Sometimes it happens that after you terminate the call, it keeps using your mic to record the audio. If it happens, the recording will not end until you made a new call.

When I noticed that this app is recording the audio even when no call was in progress, I didn’t make any call from that mobile for almost one day. When I make a new call at the end, it recorded 23 hours and 36-minutes of audio and the file size of that audio was almost 320MB. On my mobile, there were 2 recordings like this.

One recording was 20+ hours and the other recording for which I deliberately didn’t make any call to check was 23+ hours. It recorded all my conversions for those 23 hours even when I was not talking on my phone. For me, it is a big issue. It should be for you as well.

Due to this issue, you will also face problems when you try to send a voice message on Facebook messenger or on WhatsApp as this app keeps using the mic in the background.


The free version is available and you can use it as long as you are okay with the ads. But if you want to buy it, you can buy for rupees 690-/ PKR. Or you can buy it for USD $4.9.


  • Don’t use this app if you have Android 9.0 or above.
  • Good for Android 8.0, 7.0 and lower versions.
  • It is better to try other call recording app until they remove the bug of audio recording when the call is not in progress.

Call Recorder Automatic Video Review

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