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What is Satellite phone, how it works and where to buy

Communication technology is flourishing with a rapid speed even in non developed countries. If you go back 20 to 30 years back then most of the developing countries have land line phones and only few people can afford mobile phones, were as now these developing countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are the biggest markets for the smartphones. After GSM mobiles satellite phone service is also becoming popular as with the improvement in technology it is also getting cheaper day by day. Now professionals can afford to use satellite phones to communicate when they are far away from living areas. During 90’s when we talk about a satellite phone, a big and heavy device comes into our minds which we can’t carry easily. But now satellite phones are available in very beautiful slim and smart designs which you can use just like your smartphone in any location any area of the world.


Why Should We Use Satellite Phone

People may ask that when we have traditional smartphones which are less in cost and easily available every where than why should we use a satellite phone? The answer is very simple, if you need no interception in your communication then satellite phone is the only choice. For example at different events usually smartphone’s connecting tower get flooded with the calls and network is overloaded with traffic due to which your phone might not be able to connect with the tower and hence it can’t make or receive calls. Or if you are travelling out of the city where there is no tower installed, or you are in mountains or travelling in sea, then you will not be able to connect with the rest of the world using your traditional smartphone.


A satellite phone also called sat phone solves this problem and provide you connectivity almost every where in the world. You can find different networks who provide satellite communication and most of them even provides you enough connectivity even at north or south poles so that you can make your calls and stay connected with rest of the world. This is the main reason sat phones are very popular for those who love adventures and travel all around the world, or armies also use satellite phones.

From security point of view sat phones are also ahead of traditional mobile phones which can be easily tracked and your phone calls can be recorded illegally by private agencies. Whereas a sat phone is much secured and can’t allow anyone to record the calls without your permission. Even government agencies can’t track your calls and this is why in some countries you can’t keep a sat phone without the permission of government.

How Sat Phones Works

As it is described by the name, sat phones are connected with the satellite directly and they don’t need any call towers installed on the ground. There are two types of satellite networks, one is geosynchronous and the other is low-Earth orbit. Geosynchronous satellites orbit about 20,000 miles away from the surface of the earth where as low-Earth orbit satellite fly at about 400 to 700 miles above the earth.

Where to buy a Sat phone and how much they cost

satellite phone

You can buy a sat phone from different network provides in a range of 400$ to 1000$ depending on the quality of the phone and the network. There are also few companies which provide satellite phone rental service in which you can rent a satellite phone for an agreed period. And if you are wondering about from where you can buy a Sat phone and the service for it then Apollo Sat is a good name which is providing best connectivity and the reliable satellite connectivity so that you can feel safe with your sat phone even if you lost to an unknown location. You will still be able to connect with the world even if you are miles away from other population of the world. They provide 24/7 support to their customers and you can get best sat phone from them along with affordable satellite phone plans.

If you want to know more about Apollo Sat, then you must visit their About Us page where you can find information about the company and you may also like to join them at Facebook.