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The Best Multi-Room Speaker Systems 2017

sonos play speaker

sonos play speaker

Advancement in technology has made it possible for the lovers of music to enjoy without struggling with wires and installation. Digital music has helped to carry the music collection from one point to another without difficulties in moving and connecting wires. Sonos Sound System has been in the first row to build multi-room music systems. The magic speaker uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or both to connect to the gadget and speakers to play the music. Hi-fi speakers have the difference in range supports; one should buy the multi-room speakers which work flawlessly in all the rooms in the house. Below are some of the best multi-room speaker systems in 2017

  1. Sonos Play

The Sonos system connects the speakers together wirelessly in a mesh. This makes the songs to work efficiently and make the speakers stronger than any other system currently in the market. The slim speaker which requires less space in your room and connects well with one’s TV and produces a sound on its own. Sonos works efficiently with various services like Spotify and Apple Music for the best music in the house. The speakers have a trueplay which is a software in the Sonos app which allows one to tune the speakers in specific rooms for a quality better sound. The speakers are less costly compared to other speakers of the same quality in the market. Sonos price is 499 euros in various local and online outlets.


  1. Denon Heos 7 HS2

The system is one of the easiest to set up in the house with the help of Heo’s app which enables multi-room zones. The speakers have the attractive design which attracts more customers for its teardrop look. The speakers come in two form; a big speaker (He’s 7 HS2) designed to fit larger space and the mid-sized one (He’s 1 HS 2) which is built with the capability of humidity resistance and this makes it fit in bathrooms and other humid rooms. Denon Heos cost 378.99 in various online stores.

  1. Bose SoundTouch 10

Regardless of SoundTouch 10 small size, it has amazing and huge bright sound when is connected to the music device. The speakers are built with six buttons, the remote and the SoundTouch smartphone app which helps to connect to the playlist for a cool music. The app makes the whole set up of the speakers to be comfortable and efficient. The speakers have the capability of connecting with other SoundTouch models and making the sound of the music to be excellent. The Sound Touch models are available in local stores and different online stores for a cost of 169 euros.

  1. Panasonic SC-ALL7CDEBK

The Panasonic All series connects to the playlist gadget through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi efficiently to produce a sound music of its class. The speakers have in –built CD-ROM which gives one chance to play the music not only from his phone. The speakers have 4 GB storage for saving the CD’s music digitally. The smartphone app facilitates the setting up of all speaker system. All Panasonic series work together well to give a clear and brilliant music sound of its kind. It cost 319 euros.

  1. Naim Mu-so

This one-box speaker looks attractive and stylish with the aluminum heat sink which contributes to a quality audio sound which is loud and bass. The speaker has clear and crisp melodies. The speaker goes for 995 euros, but the quality of the system is worth every penny.

Multi-room speakers have the fabulous combination of audio quality, and they are easy to set in the house. Sonos is unbeatable in matters of quality and costs in the current audio market. Technology advancement has been making world digital in every field making life straightforward and sweet.

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