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SyncMate, Samsung SideSync for Mac alternative

samsung syncmate sidesyn alternative for mac

Sidesync is very famous software, officially provided by Samsung to connect any Samsung mobile with Windows computer to perform various tasks. You can use that for troubleshooting and also for synchronizing your important mobile data with your computer. Mostly people synchronize all the mobile data but when you have to use a cloud storage for keeping the backup files then only selective and important data is selected for synchronization which includes contacts, calendar, documents, and other credentials as well. Usually, people don’t sync the videos and photos when they have small storage size.


But what you have to do if you need to synchronize your Samsung device with a mac? Sidesync won’t work in this case and ultimately you need an alternative to Samsung’s Sidesync application.

To synchronize your Samsung with Mac you can use “SyncMate, Samsung SideSync for Mac alternative”.

SyncMate has two different versions for users:

  • Free Version
  • Expert Edition Paid Version

What can you do with SyncMate Free Version?

  • Sync Contacts: using the free version of SyncMate, you can synchronize your contacts in Samsung mobile device easily with your mac.
  • Sync Calendar: free version is capable of synching both Samsung mobile and the mac with calendar entries, like if the mobile user has few saved events in coming days or from the past, SyncMate can sync this data securely.
  • Sync Messages: you can also sync the messages in the inbox of Samsung mobile using SyncMate with mac. After syncing, you can easily read all your messages on your mac.


Advantages of having Paid Expert Edition Version of SyncMate

  • Sync Media: Using the paid version of SyncMate which is called SyncMate Expert edition allows you to synchronize the photos and videos on Mac device without applying any compression process. Audio files and songs can also be synchronized easily with the same process.
  • Sync Documents: using SyncMate expert edition you can sync all your files and folders with mac. This feature allows you to synchronize your documents like office files, pdf files or other text files with mac.
  • Mount Mobile as a Disk: Mac OS doesn’t have any option to mount the mobile as a disk but thanks to SyncMate which provides this option. After installing the expert edition you can easily mount your Samsung mobile as a local disk on your Mac and then you can access all your files and folders with ease.
  • Start Automatic Sync: paid version also allows you to start an automatic synchronization process when both devices are active and close enough to get connected with any means i.e. USB, Wifi or Bluetooth.
  • Manage Messages: Free version of SyncMate only allows to read the messages but in the paid version, you can read, create, send, edit or delete your text messages easily using built-in Mac Keyboard.
  • Call History: You can manage your call history as well and can see a record of incoming and outgoing calls using the paid version of SyncMate.

After looking at the above-mentioned features we can rightly say that SyncMate is a true alternative to Samsung SideSync for Mac.