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5 Eays Ways To Make Online Money in Pakistan and India

make money online Pakistan India

make money online Pakistan India

The youth of India and Pakistan is interested in making some extra money by utilizing their skills. You can find a lot of students who offer their services in extra time to different individuals or companies to make money online in Pakistan and India.

It is not rocket science to make online money in Pakistan. Anyone who knows how to use the computer and has some skills can offer his or her services online and they can earn money from home.


Though there are a lot of ways to earn online money in Pakistan or India, we will discuss only 5 of them here in this article.

Monetize Your Blog with Google Ads

If you are a good writer, you can make a lot of money by monetizing your blog with Google ads. There are other options as well, like but Google is the best.

To make online money with Google AdSense, you need to create your blog on a topic that you like. You should choose the topic carefully as you must have some information about that.

Then you should start writing informative articles on your blog and apply for Google Adsense. Once approved, you should get traffic for your blog so that you can make money.

Start Your Vlog

Another way to make online money in Pakistan using Google Adsense is making your own vlog. YouTube is the best place and after Google, it is the second-best search engine that is used by a lot of people to search for their favorite content.

Again, you need to select the topic carefully. If you love traveling, then you should start a travel vlog. If you are interested in technology, then you can create informative videos on technology and start monetizing your YouTube videos to make money. A lot of people are making online money from YouTube in India and Pakistan.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a website or a YouTube channel, you can make money from affiliate marketing as well. It doesn’t matter if your blog or vlog is monetized or not, you can still make money with affiliate marketing.

Just give reviews of different products and convince people to buy those products and get your commission. You can sell mobile accessories, cameras, and camera accessories, web hostings, makeup kits, clothes and much more.


Web Development

Every company, every brand is now offering their services or selling their products online. For that, they need a good eCommerce store. A web developer can make a lot of money by starting his career as a freelancer.

If you can learn web development and then sell your services online by making your own business website or by creating your account on freelancing sites, you can make good money as a freelancer in Pakistan.

Article Writing

If you have good writing skills, then you can utilize this skill to make some money in your extra time. There are many article writers in India and Pakistan who are making online money and their income is in magical 6 digits.

If you are good in English, then it is best. But you can also offer your services in other languages, like Arabic, Spanish, Dutch, and many other languages.

Here we have discussed only 5 ways to make money online in India and Pakistan. But there are a lot more ways and you can find in the video below.

Make Money Online Tips With Zero Investment (Urdu/Hindi)


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