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3 Easy Steps To Earn 1000$ from Google Adsense in Pakistan



I have seen many people in Pakistan who are good at using computer & internet. They spend all their time in using the internet without any purpose, after their studies, because they don’t have a job. I would like to advise them to make money online by working from their home till they get a good job. There are different ways to make money online and I personally know many people who are earning more than 1000$ by just working at their home. Here in this article, I will tell you one easy way to make money online using Google Adsense in Pakistan.


1. Create your own website

To start making money using a website, the first thing you should do is to create your own website. You can easily purchase a hosting account and also can register a domain name for free from various hosting providers. Godaddy, Fatcow, iPage, BlueHost are some good hosting providers. Just make it sure that you select a topic for your website in which you have interest. Like if you are a person who loves to read about technology then you should create a tech blog while if you love to watch cricket, football, and other sports, then you should create your sports website.

If you don’t know how to create your blog or website, then you should not worry about it. It is very simple to create a professional website on WordPress in just an hour. You can get help from this video if you want to know how to create a WordPress website.

After creating your website, you should keep updating new articles and NEWS updates on your website that is closely relevant to your niche and you should post new updates on time.

2. Apply For Google Adsense Account

Once you have good informative articles on your website, you should apply for your Google Adsense account so that you can monetize your content. Remember, your domain should be 6 months old before you apply for Adsense. Though this is not a compulsion, but it is recommended by Google. You should also make it sure that all your articles are well written, easy to understand and there should be no spelling or grammar mistakes. No problem if you are not good in the English language, you can write your articles in Urdu as well as Google is now accepting Urdu blogs and websites. So you can write in Urdu as well, but content should be original and human readable. Whether you are writing in Urdu or in English, you should not use spun or copied content.


Once you have good content on the website and also have an old domain, apply for the Google Adsense account. You will get a code which you need to put on to your website’s header.php file. After you place that code, Google will review your website and if you have done everything correctly, you will get your Adsense account approved within 3 to 5 days.

3. Get More Traffic To Your Website

Try to get some traffic from Social Media and Search Engines. You can find various YouTube video tutorials about linking websites and blogs together to rank higher in google. Try to follow those tutorials to get higher rankings. If you have good traffic on your website from social media, you have higher chances of making money online. You can use your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social accounts to get traffic and make money from Social media.

You can also read our article about WordPress SEO Tips, which can help you in getting your website higher in Google. Once you start getting traffic to your website you will start making money from your blog or website.

Final Words: You should follow Google’s terms and condition and should not find tricks to get fake traffic and fake clicks for your ads. If you get fake clicks on your ads, Google will ban your Adsense account and you will not be able to monetize your content. Keep patience, keep doing the good work and you will start making 100$ per month which will be increased to 1000$ per month easily just in 6 to 12 months with your good work.