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Start Selling Your Products on Facebook in 5 Easy Steps

how to setup facebook online store

Facebook is the world’s largest website after Google and YouTube. It is the largest social media website worldwide and has billion of active users. There are millions of people and sellers who are using Facebook as their online store and they are successfully selling their products without getting any hosting or domain name.

The best thing about using Facebook as the online store is that you don’t have to do any coding, and designing, even you shouldn’t worry about the expiry of your hosting account or the domain name.

So when you are getting a chance to set up your online store for “FREE” then there is not a single reason that you drop this great option especially when you have billions of users are using that platform. It is one of the best ways to make money online.

Here are a few tips which can boost your sales in no time.

Create A Professional Business Page

The first and the most important thing is that your business page or simply we can say the Facebook page should be very professional. It should have your local address, your contact number that should be active and people can contact you using that number.

Usually, customers like to talk with the seller on the mobile phone to earn trust. You should have your email listed on your page as well. Mention the store open and close timing for every day as well so that buyers should know when they should contact you and at what time they should expect a response from you.

Use a custom-designed cover photo especially for your own business that should have your logo design, business name, and pictures of your own products. The same goes for the display picture of your page as well. You shouldn’t use the images by downloading from Google searches.

When you create your Facebook online store, you must apply these extra security layers to protect your Facebook accounts from hackers.

List All Your Products With HD Images

All your product images should show minor details of your products so that when potential buyers want to see the picture by zooming it to have a closer look, they can see a good quality image.

Capture the image of your product with a professional camera and it is better to use a watermark somewhere on the image to protect your work.

Offer Relatively Lower Prices To Start

To start your online store, offer slightly lower prices to compete with your competitors. It shouldn’t be too low otherwise buyers will think this is a low-quality product. So offer a good price in which you can earn a small profit but a slightly lower price than your competitors.

Higher A Social Media Marketer To Promote Your Online Store

Once you have set up a good online store, it is better to hire a social media expert who can promote your store on different social media platforms. The expert you hire should be responsible to bring the targeted audience to your page and they should start following your business page to provide you more reach.

Though you can promote your Facebook page yourself by using Facebook’s paid promotion or boosting post option but it is recommended to hire an expert for this work.

Still, if you want to do it yourself, then here you can find some good social media marketing tips for online marketers which could be useful for you and you should take full advantage of these useful tips.

Update Your Business Page Regularly

You should update your business page or online store regularly. If some products are out of stock you should remove those products from the store and when you get new products in your store, you should update your online store immediately. Keep updating the prices as well and try to engage your page followers by posting some interesting and informative content.

Just keep in mind these few tips and you will be overjoyed by the orders you get from the online store.


Creating a Facebook online shop is an easy peasy option and with its boosting feature, you can reach a lot more potential customers. Facebook page is not the only way. Here you can check 6 easy ways you can earn money from Facebook without investment.

You should give it a try along with your other eCommerce stores. I hope you won’t regret it.

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